7 Disturbing Facts About The Australian Cannibal Katherine Knight 

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It’s not every so often that you hear of a woman committing shockingly violent crimes, but it does happen. Katherine Mary Knight gained notoriety after her terrible crimes made the news and she became the first woman in Australia to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Many found it hard to believe that the mother of four could commit the murderous and cannibalistic act she was accused of. Below are 7 disturbing facts about the Australian cannibal, Katherine Knight.

Disturbing Facts About Katherine Knight, The Australian Cannibal

1. She was violent to all her partners

Investigations revealed that the horrific acts committed by Katherine Knight did not happen in a vacuum, she had a strong history of violence and abuse. During her relationship with David Kellett, her first husband, Katherine assaulted him a couple of times although he usually managed to fight her off. On their wedding night, she strangled him while he was sleeping because he did not adequately satisfy her sexual appetite before being overcome with exhaustion.

Fortunately for him, he was able to fight her off in the nick of time. Throughout their ten-year marriage, Katherine tried to harm him repeatedly. She later moved on to David Saunders, who was also subjected to her ruthless temper and violent tantrums. One time, she slit the throat of his puppy in front of him in order to provoke him. He left her after she tried to end his life by stabbing him with scissors.

2. She stabbed her boyfriend 37 times with a butcher’s knife until he died

Katherine Knight’s boyfriend, John Price, returned home on the evening of February 29, 2000, without knowing what fate had in store for him. After he had sex with Katherine, he went to bed as usual, but shortly after, Katherine grabbed a butcher’s knife which she usually kept by the bed and stabbed him 37 times. Even though he woke up screaming, Katherine kept stabbing him repeatedly until life drained out of his body.

It is believed that Katherine murdered him in cold blood because she discovered that he had a restraining order against her earlier in the month.

3. Katherine Knight skinned her victim after he died and dismembered his body

In the past, Katherine Knight had worked in an abattoir as a butcher, so she was well skilled in dismembering animals, a talent that she put to terrifying use after she murdered John Price. Katherine dragged his body downstairs, where she proceeded to skin him. She removed the skin from his body with expert precision using the knives she had used while working in the slaughterhouse.

Medical officials were actually impressed with how cleanly she separated his skin from his body, ensuring the entire skin was intact. They were able to reattach Price’s skin to his body, thanks to her expertise. After skinning him, Katherine hung Price’s body from a meat hook in the living room, after which she decapitated him and sliced off pieces of his body.

4. She used Price’s body parts to prepare dinner

After killing, decapitating and cutting off parts of her boyfriend’s body, Katherine roasted bits of his flesh in the oven, which she then served with gravy, baked potatoes, beets, squash, zucchini, pumpkin, and cabbage. She ate some and served up two plates, which she placed on the dining table intending to feed it to Price’s children when they come by. A search of the crime scene revealed a portion of his buttocks that had been cooked and discarded in the backyard for the dogs to eat. Authorities also found Price’s head simmering on the stove in a pot of vegetables.

5. Katherine claimed she has no memory of her gruesome crime

The police showed up at Katherine Knight’s house the following day after Price failed to show up at work, leading his coworkers to suspect the worst and alert the cops. She was found comatose, lying next to a mutilated, headless corpse of her lover. Upon being interrogated, she pitched her tent with amnesia, insisting she didn’t remember killing, skinning, or dismembering her dead boyfriend.

6. She once left her child to die on a railway track

Shortly after the birth of her first child Melissa Ann in 1976, the Australian Cannibal was seen pushing her baby around in a stroller and intentionally slamming the stroller into fences as she walked up and down the streets. Later on, she placed the newborn on railroad tracks, left her there, and walked away. Luckily, the baby was rescued by a nearby witness before a train came racing through. Apparently, she had done it to punish David Kellet (the baby’s father) for ending their relationship. After the incident, she was arrested and remanded to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

7. Katherine Knight never showed any sign of remorse for her crimes

According to reports, the Australian Cannibal Katherine Knight got angry hearing the details of her actions being read out in court, however she didn’t seem to regret what she had done. Even the judge presiding over the case noted that Katherine had not expressed any remorse or contrition, that she would pose a threat to society if she was ever released from prison. Katherine is serving out her life sentence at one of the meanest maximum-security women’s prisons in Australia, the Silverwater Women’s Correctional Center. The facility houses some of the most dangerous female criminals in the country.

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