Adriene Mishler – Biography, Family Life and Childhood of The Actress

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When it comes to Yoga, you’ve got to give it up for Adriene Mishler, the popular fitness expert, actress, writer, and international yoga teacher thriving on and off the internet. She is a pure definition of versatility with her very many endeavors.

Adriene Mishler truly needs not to blow her own trumpet, you just have to ask her followers and they’ll tell you why she is the best inspirational figure they know. Doing yoga and teaching yoga has been a way of life for Adriene and, she has spent the greater part of her life teaching others how to lead a healthy life like her. Here are interesting facts worth knowing about Lady Mishler.

Adriene Mishler Biography

She was born on September 29, 1984, in Austin Texas. Before yoga came into the picture, Mishler walked a long path in the acting field. She attended SITI Company in New York to groom herself in acting and theatre. After it became clear that she would fare well as an actress, she launched her career in 2005, starring in the film Fall to Grace. In 2011, she starred in the series Friday Night Lights and also portrayed Z in the comedy Z and Beau.

The following year, the actress starred as Tracey in the short drama, A Day without RosesGood Night (2013) is one of the movies wherein she played a major role. The yoga instructor and actress has made appearances in a lot of short films. Some of them include Hit & Run, Detective Calzone, and Where Do You Want to Eat.

While in the business of acting, Adriene Mishler discovered a passion for yoga. She started teaching yoga to people including children and grown-ups. Adriene didn’t find it difficult to cope with teaching yoga and acting. With the help of director Chris Sharpe, whom she met in one of her acting stints, she soon created a YouTube channel titled YogawithAdriene (YWA) where she shared her yoga videos. From teaching Yoga in studios, Mishler rose to a YouTube personality with her captivating videos.

The channel which was launched in 2012 has videos showcasing the different dimensions of yoga meant for different category of audience ranging from sportsmen to teachers and what have you. Thus far, it has been able to garner a massive following.

Family Life and Childhood of The Actress

Mishler was born to Melba Martinez (mother) and her father, Rick Ray Wilson Mishler. Acting must have been a matter of heredity for Adriene whose parents are also known for their endeavors in the field. As for yoga, it just may be all about passion.

It is no secret that Mishler’s mother is Mexican-American. The woman is not only an actress but also a casting director. Some of her works on-screen include Day 5, Gretchen, Night Falls on Manhattan, and many others. Malbez and Adriene’s father got married in the year 1979 and stayed together for many years. The couple parted ways in 1998 after almost twenty years of marriage.

Growing up with her mother, Adriene gradually developed an interest in acting. More so, she had all the motivation and support she needed from the woman who had acquired a fine knowledge about the operations of the industry. At a young age, she was exposed to acting and also learned about the business. Dancing was another thing that caught the interest of the yoga instructor. Mishler was not only acting at a young age but was also dancing and performing for different companies.


Her Net Worth

Adriene Mishler has garnered a lot of wealth over the years from her career. She has made good money through her famous YouTube channel and from her part-time acting career. Although she has not revealed anything in this regard, her net worth has been estimated at $600,000 by some sources.

In the year 2015, YogawithAdriene ranked as the number one most searched workout site on google, above many other reputable sites. As at the time this report was filed, the channel could boast of over 4 million subscribers and much more in terms of views (over 390 million). Given that the yoga instructor makes hundreds of thousands per annum, Mishler’s financial status can be said to be on a fast rise.

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