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Agnes Wilczynski is a Polish-American reality television star, who has been on television screens in the United States for quite a few years. She is a classic example of an immigrant into the United States, who left behind the hopelessness and lack of opportunities in their own home countries, relocated to America and is currently living the American dream and flourishing unhindered.

She has over the years through her appearance on the reality television show, Tanked been able to inspire a lot of young ladies and immigrants to believe that once you set your mind to accomplishing a task, you can definitely achieve it. Her calm demeanor, confidence and willingness to learn new things has endeared her to many fans who watch the reality show.

Agnes Wilczynski – Bio (Age)

Agnes Wilczynski was born as Agnes Jadwiga Wilczynski in Poland, on May 17, 1977. She has never disclosed any information about what her early growing up years was like or her educational pursuits. She moved to the United States from Poland, on a one-way ticket with her older brother, Arthur, when she was about 6 years old. It is not clear who they were putting up with, but they never returned back to Poland, and have been living in the Las Vegas area for three decades and counting.

Her first job in the United States was as a hair stylist, and it is not clear for how long she had this job. Later, she picked up a job in a Ferrari dealership in Las Vegas as a Sales Representative. It was on this job that she reportedly met Wayde King – Brett Raymer’s partner and co-owner of the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) aquarium company; who walked into her dealership to purchase a Porsche.

It is not clear if she eventually sold him the car, but she must have said something right, as she was invited to join the crew of the Tanked show, which was still in its planning stages then. The show eventually kicked off, and Agnes Wilczynski has been an ever-present face on it. She is currently the lead estimator and Sales Coordinator with ATM, the company on which the Tanked series is based.

Family – Is She Married, Who Is the Husband?

It is a bit difficult to know the true state of Agnes’ relationship status right now. First off, she seems to be an extremely secretive lady, who has disclosed next to nothing about herself in any area of her life. There are some who believe that Agnes Wilczynski is a divorcee and that she was possibly married to one of the co-stars of the Tanked reality television show that she features in – Brett Raymer. This is fueled by the fact that on the credits of one episode of the show, Agnes was titled as Brett’s ex-wife, and Brett, as Agnes’s ex-husband.

However, that could either have been the truth that was spilled by the producers of the show or it was just a typographical error by the graphics artists working on the show’s post-production. The relationship between Agnes Wilczynski and Brett on the show itself, however, is strictly professional, and just the normal exchanges between two staffs working in the same company; there is no animosity towards each other, neither is there any public display of affection between them.

It is either there is no iota of truth in their rumored failed marriage, or they are both excellent actors who have successfully managed to conceal this part of their lives from the public. Another fact fueling the possibility of a past relationship between Agnes Wilczynski and Brett is that Agnes is extremely close and best friends with Brett’s sister, Heather King, who is also a star of the reality show and wife of Wayde King – the co-owner of the company with Brett.

Wilczynski and Heather are always undertaking tasks together on the show, they have several times designed fish tanks together, decorated them with coral inserts, and even gone “fish shopping” on various occasions at their favorite fish shop on the show; such closeness could suggest that their relationship is much deeper than just being colleagues in the A.T.M. company.


Agnes Wilczynski has shared several times via her social media handles, pictures of a much younger Heather and herself, while remembering how they’ve been there for each other and have come a long way from where they started from. Brett Raymer, on the other hand, has mentioned, whether he meant it as a joke or not, that he has had two marriages once or twice on the show. He is known to be a divorcee, who since 2011 has been dating Trisha Chamberlain to whom he is currently engaged.

Wilczynski is most likely single, in the face of insufficient evidence to prove otherwise; however, it is very difficult believing that a very beautiful and amiable, Agnes Wilczynski in her 40s has never been hitched before.

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