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Alex Cowper-Smith belongs to the world of corporate business. It is evident when you look at him. The financier works at the prestigious Goldman Sachs, one of the biggest financial solutions services on the planet. Dressed in a corporate armor – a black suit – he still looks every bit as drool-worthy as any celebrity comparison you could pick.

Alex is not really a celebrity and in truth, may never have been publicly recognized had it not been for his relationship with a certain UK actress with a growing portfolio, . Let’s start at the beginning.

Biography and Age of the celebrity

Information available about Alex Cowper-Smith does not really go into too much detail. It is known, however, that he was born in the United Kingdom, and that he also spent his entire childhood and young adult years there. To be more specific, he grew up in England, where he spent all of his academic years. For his early education, Cowper-Smith spent most of his days away from home as he attended a boarding school. However, he was allowed to go home often on the weekends to spend time with his family.

Alex went through the system of education that involved the sixth form. So after completing his primary and high school years, he headed over to The Westminster School to see out the remainder of his secondary school education. Alex’s occasional visits to his home continued as Westminster was a co-ed boarding school located in London. Alex’s family saw attending Westminster as a clear path towards gaining entry into any of the prestigious colleges in the country. The plan paid off for Alex as following his time at Westminster, he gained admission into the iconic University of Nottingham in 2000. The college was a proud and cultured institution that was like a homing beacon for some of the most iconic UK employers. It often saw its graduates head off to these high-paying companies – Alex was not left out in this regard.

After graduating from the University of Nottingham in 2003 with a degree in business and finance, he set out immediately to look for work. He didn’t have to search for long – he was employed by Goldman Sachs. It looked like the newbie graduate had a bright future in the financial industry ahead of him – and he did. He began as an associate for the conglomerate. Eventually, he continued to climb the company’s hierarchical ladder and by 2015, he had climbed his way up to the position of a financier within the firm. At this point, he worked a banking job where he was handling some of the company’s massive accounts.

Alex Cowper-Smith’s family life: Relationship with UK actress, Alice Eve

When Alex Cowper and the beautiful actress Alice Eve started dating each other, many wondered how she had gone from dating fellow celebrities like Rafe Spall and Rufus Sewell to a relatively unknown figure.

However, the answer to that lies in their past – they had known each other at The Westminster School. Alex and Alice did not have the same classes, however, they often ran into each other between classes. Soon, this run-ins became intentional as Alex found himself anticipating their next short encounter. Eventually what they had grew into a relationship. Sadly, the romance lasted as long as their time in Westminster. The two split up not long after they graduated from the school.

Alice comes from an acting heritage, thanks to her parents, Trevor Eve & Sharon Maughan, who have both appeared on a plethora of British television series. Unsurprisingly, she went on to study acting and then proceeded to grow herself into the popular actress she is today. Years later, in 2014, the pair reconnected. By this time both had more stability in their lives and decided to have a go at it for the second time. They quickly fell back into the romance they had while at Westminster. In fact, it was going so good that Alex popped the question later in the same year. The couple ended 2014 on a high – they tied the knot on December 31, 2014. It was a small ceremony in London at the Brompton Oratory.

The entertainment world was on notice – a new celebrity romance had emerged. The pair continued to love life and each other. However, they were not to have their fairytale ending as they slowly grew apart.

In early 2017, the pair finally ended the marriage and went their separate ways. Seeing as the couple had no children, there were no post-marital obligations on either of them. However, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, Alex has not dated anyone since his split from the actress.

Other facts about Alex Cowper-Smith

1. Alex is a private person

The Goldman Sachs financier still remains largely an unknown figure, with little to nothing known about him. His brief moment in the sun came during his relationship and subsequent marriage to Alice Eve. This goes to show that either Alex is boring as a person or he has deliberately chosen to keep his private life private.

2. Alex allegedly quit his job to start making things work with Alice

Alex apparently prioritized his marriage above his work. When he realized that things weren’t getting better at home, he made the shocking move of walking away from a lucrative career with Goldman Sachs. Sadly, it was too late as he couldn’t stop his marriage from crashing.


3. Alice Eve’s schedule was the main reason for the divorce.

Alice was an ambitious actress with growing influence and portfolio. It made sense that she would have less time as her career took off. Unfortunately, this meant that Alex began to see his wife less every day. This eventually culminated in them walking away from the marriage after failing at trying to raise a family.

4. Alex still lives in the United Kingdom

Following the end of the marriage, many may have expected Alex to want to get away from it all, perhaps move to another country, especially since his time with Goldman Sachs was over. However, it seems his attachment to the land of his birth runs deep. Alex still continues to live and work in the UK.

Alex Cowper-Smith’s height and body measurements

The ex-banker is definitely good to look in an average kind of way; he is neither hunky nor lanky. There is no information available from any source that shows his height or any other of his body measurements. However, judging from pictures online of Alex standing next to his ex-wife Alice Eve, he stands about half a head above her. And since various sources put Alice’s height at 5 feet 5 inches (1.66m), it is safe to say that Alex is approximately 10-15 cm taller than her. This puts his height at 1.75 m to 1.81 m which is about 5 feet 7 inches.

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