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Alexis Ohanian is a savvy entrepreneur, investor, internet guru, and an accomplished writer. His intelligence, hard work and grit have helped him achieve numerous breakthroughs in his career. Amongst his achievements is the co-founding of Reddit, Initialized Capital, Hipmunk and Breadpig. He has been called the “Mayor of the Internet”. Alexis also became popular after he started dating and eventually married one of the greatest tennis players of all time (Serena Williams).

Alexis Ohanian’s Bio, Age

He was named Alexis Kerry Ohanian at birth and was born in Brooklyn on the 24th of April 1983. His parents, Chris and Anke Ohanian raised him in the United States. He is of mixed ancestry as his father is Armenian and his mother, German. Alexis has been vocal about his admiration for the bond and relationship his parents shared and how it influenced him while growing up and how his life turned out.

While his parents didn’t have much while they were growing up, they tried to create memorable moments with the little they had and this has taught him to cherish the little things in life. He attended Howard High School for his high school education and upon graduation, he proceeded to the University of Virginia where he bagged his History and Commerce degrees in 2005.

Upon graduation, Alexis Ohanian and his friend (Steve Huffman) came up with a business idea which they pitched to YCombinator. The idea wasn’t well received and the duo was advised to come up with a different business idea which they could fund. After a long period of research, they came up with the idea and company today known as

Their business idea was funded and turned into reality in 2005. Reddit was later acquired in 2006 for an amount between 10-20 million dollars by Conde Nast. Alexis on the other was a member of the board of directors and he continued to work with the company in a supervisory capacity.

Alexis Ohanian has shown over time that he is full of ideas and isn’t scared to pursue his dreams and watch them blossom into reality. He created another company – Breadpig – in 2007 which manufactures merchandise for geeks and the proceeds go to charity.

The savvy social entrepreneur gave his now famous ‘Ted Talk’ in 2009 and contributed to the successful launching of ‘Hipmunk’ (a travel search website) in 2010. In the same year, he launched a company (Das Kapital Capital) that helps startups with advising, consulting and investing. He was a part-time and full-time partner in YCombinator, before leaving to help with the launch of Initialized Capital fund in 2016.

Wife and Kids

Alexis Ohanian met Serena Williams in May 2015 at the popular Rome Cavalieri hotel. He wasn’t a fan of tennis and didn’t know much about sports. The pair got talking, had some dates and fell in love. They dated secretly for over a year before finally announcing their engagement in 2016.

The couple had their first child (Alexis Olympia Ohanian) together in September 2017. Serena suffered some postpartum health complication and Alexis took a 16-week paid paternity leave to be with his family. The duo finally got married in November 2017.

Their wedding which took place in New Orleans was out of the ordinary and non-traditional. It was Disney-themed and well attended by some of the worlds biggest stars. In a note written to his future self, Alexis acknowledges that the most important thing to him will be his family and he has been true to his claim. When it comes to his family, he has been known to go all out and has been teased severally by friends about his grand romantic gestures.

Besides being a very hands-on dad to their daughter, he is known to ‘go big’ when it comes to his wife affection. When Serena was due to resume playing tennis after taking time off to give birth to their daughter, he designed and put up four billboards, describing her as “Greatest Momma of All Time” (G.M.O.A.T).

Alexis Ohanian’s Family – Mother

His mother, Anke Prigge is German and she met her husband (Chris) in Ireland where they spent 2 weeks together and fell in love despite their obvious language barrier. Anke left her home and family, moved to America with him and married him. She was on the verge of being certified a pharmacist in Germany but had to start over in the US. She initially worked different restaurant jobs before finally opting to work as a night pharmacy technician to have time for her children during the day.

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Shortly after Alexis’s graduation and while he was trying to find his footing in the business world, his father called him to inform him that his mother has been diagnosed with a form of terminal brain cancer. She died in March 2008. Alexis later got married on his mother’s birth date, as a way to honor her memory. The couple chose the date to make sure his mother was represented at their wedding.

Net Worth

Alexis has been involved in numerous start-ups and has helped launch and manage different companies. He is also an accomplished writer. His net worth has been estimated to be between $9-10 million.


Alexis Ohanian has an impressive height. He is 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m) tall. Other details about his body measurements are unavailable in the public domain.

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