All the Famous Skarsgard Brothers and Their Wives or Girlfriends

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Skarsgard is one name that easily grabs attention in the media. It is an acting dynasty started by veteran Swedish actor, . He has eight children, six from his first marriage to My Skarsgard and two sons from his current union with actress . Most of his children work in films and television including Alexander of True Blood and Big Little Lies, Vikings‘ Gustaf, Bill who scared the living daylights out of moviegoers as a horror villain, Pennywise the dancing clown in the horror film It, and then, Valter. Find out herein which of the famous Skarsgard brothers is married or has a girlfriend.

Famous Skarsgard Brothers and Their Wives or Girlfriends

Alexander Skarsgard

is perhaps the most well-known of the Skarsgårds, after their father. He is the eldest of the Skarsgard brothers as well as the first to join their father, Stellan in the acting profession. He made his acting debut at the age of 8, in 1984 but gained fame with his role as a vampire, Eric Northman in the HBO’s hit series, True Blood.

The Swedish movie heartthrob has dated a bevy of pretty ladies as he has had a prolific career. From actresses to models, Alexander has tasted both worlds, chronicling rumored flings and a few confirmed romance. He is currently dating British model and fashion journalist, Alexa Chung. They started dating in 2015 but broke up briefly in 2017. Despite their on-off relationship, the lovebirds seem poised for a possible ever happy after.

Before Chung, Alexander dated , Kate Bosworth, Evan Rachel Wood, Polish dancer, and actress Izabella Anna Mikolajczak, and Elizabeth Olsen.

Gustaf Skarsgard

Of all the famous Skarsgard brothers, is the first to choose his father’s profession, at the age of 6, though he didn’t act until he was 9. He is the second-eldest child of the Skarsgård acting dynasty. His first film appearance was in a Swedish film titled Codename Coq Rouge, in 1989, where his father played a lead role. He has also worked in television and on stage and has won several awards.

Outside Scandavania, the handsome and talented Gustaf is known for his roles as boat builder Floki on History’s Vikings and Karl Strand in HBO’s Westworld, and in films such as The Way Back (2010).

Gustaf is reportedly single. He was once in a long term relationship with Swedish actress from 1999 to 2005 and also dated model Carolina Sjöström. He attended the IT premiere with the model, in 2017.

Bill Skarsgard

This Skarsgard grew up with a famous father and brothers who were already making their mark in the acting scene before him. While that may have put pressure on him when he started, Bill has proven that he is a natural capable of making his own mark, an acting pedigree regardless. He caught fame as the star of the record-breaking horror It and its sequel, . He played the horror villain Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Like his older brother, Gustaf, he went Swedish with his love choice. Bill Skarsgard is in a relationship with Swedish actress, . The duo started dating sometime in 2016 and are parents to a daughter born in October 2018.

Valter Skarsgard

Valter is the youngest child from Stellan’s marriage to his physician wife, My. He is also an actor, the fifth in the dynasty, though he is yet to break into Hollywood mainstream. Just like his brothers, Valter Skarsgard was well aware of his acting lineage and started out as a child star, in 2003. He may not have a filmography as big as theirs yet, but he is building his portfolio and would get there in no time.

Among the famous Skarsgard brothers, Valter is the one who is always on social media, especially Twitter. He was dubbed the Twitter King on a post in Entertainment Weekly.

Valter is in a loving relationship with his girlfriend, Jade Classon. The lovebirds are not shy to show off their love on social media including Instagram where they often share cute selfies of themselves.

Other Skarsgard Children

Sam is the third son of Stellan and his ex-wife My, while is his only daughter, from his first marriage too. Ossian and Kolbjörn are his sons from his second marriage. These four are not currently in the acting industry.

Sam is a doctor and Eija is a former model now business manager. Unlike their famous brothers, they are both married. The other two are still pretty young and may decide to join the family business when they grow older.

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