All The Ways Morgan Fairchild Has Changed Since Her First Role In 1967

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Morgan Fairchild is the stage name adopted by American actress Patsy Ann McClenny. This stunning lady has a film career spanning over three decades, and she has achieved quite a considerable amount of success which is evident in the wide array of awards and honors she has received so far. More so, Fairchild, like many other film stars, has experienced some form of transformation in different aspects of her life over the years. This piece examines the various areas the star actress has changed since her debut appearance on the silver screen in 1967.

How Morgan Fairchild Has Evolved Over The Years

The Actress Has Numerous Alias/Stage Names

The American actress was christened Patsy Ann McClenny at birth by her parents, Edward Milton and Martha Jane McClenny. However, she has adopted several other names and each of the alias adopted by the star actress has a story attached to it. The alias, Morgan Fairchild, was adopted from the 1966 film titled Morgan- A Suitable Case for Treatment, and this alias has stuck with her for a long time now.

Similarly, she adopted the alias Morgan from the classic comic film, Patsy also adopted the nickname Jennifer Pace. Jennifer Pace was the character she portrayed in Search for Tomorrow, a popular soap opera that began airing in 1973. The alias, however, didn’t stick as fans preferred the name Morgan. A couple of years later, the talented actress played as Jenna Wade in an episode of Dallas in 1978, and her exceptional portrayal of the character led her fans to call her Jenna Wade for some time.

In the early eighties, she was infamously known as Constance Carlyle – the character she played in the award-winning sitcom, Flamingo Road. For her role as Constance Carlyle, Fairchild was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. However, this name did not stick, and she had no option than go with the most popular name amongst her alias, which is Morgan Fairchild.

She Has Appeared in a Plethora of Popular Films Over the Years 

Fairchild made her acting debut in 1967 when she featured as a double for the widely acclaimed actress, Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. Despite her name not being included in the film credits, it is still considered her first-ever acting role. In 1973, shortly after she relocated to New York City, Morgan got her first credited film role as Jennifer Pace in the soap opera, Search for Tomorrow. Later on, she was seen in quite a lot of highly-rated television series, soap operas, and films like Dallas in 1978 and the popular Flamingo Road in 1980, which earned her a Golden Globe Award nomination.

Morgan’s notable film credits also include Falcon Crest, where she portrayed the character of Jordan Roberts. The Texas native played the role of Sydney Chase in the 1996 TV series, General Hospital. Some of her recent projects include You’re Gonna Miss Me, Spring Break ’83, A Perfect Ending, Fighting Back, All Good Things, My Perfect Romance, Days of Our Lives, and Worst Cooks in America, etc.

Morgan Fairchild Does Not Have Any Child of Her Own

Fairchild has experienced very little changes in her family life. The actress got married in 1972 to Jack Calmes, an American inventor, and musician. However, the union lasted for only six years as it was dissolved in 1973. Throughout their marriage, Fairchild and Jack never had any children. And after their marriage ended, it is believed that the actress doesn’t have any kids to date. More so, nothing much is known about her subsequent relationships.

She Has Gone Under the Knife More Than Once

At 69, Morgan’s physical appearance has remained quite ravishing for someone of her age and we know why. The star actress has confessed openly to the fact that she has undergone several plastic surgeries. She stated that her reason for opting for the procedure is the fact that she wants to maintain a young and healthy appearance.

Morgan Fairchild Enjoys Financial Freedom

Financially, this actress has changed in 20 million ways as she is estimated to be worth around $20 million presently. Morgan made most of her wealth from her acting career, while the remaining part is reported to have come from endorsements deals she has signed with various brands.

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