All You Need To Know About William Singe – The Australian Singer

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If the millions of online fans following William Singe has on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms are to be considered in determining how successful he is, it just means the singer is doing what he was created for.

The star was born out of the season four of The X Factor Australia where he finished in the third position alongside his bandmates. Their five-member boy band The Collective was formed during the 2012 competition for the next X Factor and together, they recorded major success but later disbanded when things fell apart for the members. Here is all you need to know about William Singe.

Background Information

The Australian singer also banks as a songwriter, producer, and online personality. He was born on 2 July 1992 in Forestville, Sydney where he equally spent his early years. His origin can be traced back to a Māori Australian descent.

St Augustine’s College, an all-boys Catholic school in Brookvale is his alma mater and the only one he has shared so far. He briefly worked as a bank teller at the Commonwealth Bank in the Australian suburb known as Dee Why before music swept him off his feet.

As a growing child, William Singe was greatly influenced by his musically inclined father to toe the same path. His father, Ray Singe, is a singer and songwriter as well.

Early Music Venture

After years of singing in his room, William Singe decided it was time to entertain the world. He went on to audition for the 2011 X Factor but couldn’t make it past the boot camp stage of the competition’s third season. The next year (2012, season four), he was back and better, earning some thumbs up from the judges after his rendition of “One Less Lonely Girl”. The piece which he modified with a few raps he wrote, secured him a spot on the super boot camp stage.

William Singe And The Collective

A boy band was born during the 2012 X Factor competition when Singe couldn’t reach the top six of the Under-25 Boys category while the contest was still at super boot camp stage. Consequently, the judges joined Trent Bell, Zach Russell, William Singe, Julian De Vizio, and Jayden Sierra and the boy band The Collective was birthed. The Collective didn’t win the X Factor but they did well to end up in the third position.

Not winning one competition didn’t stop The Collective from getting the success they deserve. The band struck a recording deal with Sony Music Australia on 22 November 2012 and dropped their eponymous mini album on 14 December 2012. They also had an early start on mainstream success as their debut piece made it to the ARIA Albums Chart and was certified gold.

Solo Music Career

After almost three years with The Collective, William Singe took a bow and launched his solo career. He made the decision Facebook official on 18 February 2015 after which the other members of the band took the high road to their individual solo careers.

During the early stage of his solo career, Singe covered songs by popular artists like Justin Bieber, , , and more. His bedroom was his studio while Facebook and YouTube served as the right platforms to share his talent with the world. His cover songs did not only attract millions of followers across social media platforms, but it also got of One Direction and reaching out to him for a collaboration.

The talented singer later signed to be represented by entertainment agency Paradigm followed by a deal with RCA Records, sealed before the release of his first single (‘Rush’) as a solo act on 3 February 2017.

Also on his repertoire as a solo artist is his contribution to ‘s single ‘Mama’. The single made it to the top 10 on the charts in countries like the UK, South Africa, Australia, Germany, and more. Mama also got a 2018 Brit Awards nomination.

As his career blossomed, so did his online popularity with him racking up millions of followers and views on YouTube as well as other social platforms.


Net Worth

William Singe has been enjoying so much fame for his talent, especially his ability to totally own another singer’s song through a good cover. Considering that the internet can easily turn its stars into millionaires, it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to assume that the young muso is sitting on a pile of cash. His net worth is estimated to be between $2 to $3 million.

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