Amanda Arcuri – 5 Interesting Things We Need to Know

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Amanda Arcuri is a budding Canadian actress who is best known for her role as Lola in the Canadian teen movie franchise Degrassi. She has been featured on all four installments within the franchise. She began starring on this franchise since she was 16 years of age and she delivered her role brilliantly hence the producers retaining her.

Degrassi is about a group of teenagers who live on Degrassi Street in Toronto, Ontario. The teenagers attend Degrassi school where they are faced with various challenges, such as rape, homosexuality, violence, among others. Asides the Degrassi series, Amanda has featured in other movies. With the zeal exhibited by the young actress, it is expected that she’ll go far in the movie industry. Let’s explore interesting facts about Amanda Arcuri.

Amanda Arcuri’s Birth Details

This actress who is known for her colored hair was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on  October 21, 1997. Her birth name is Amanda Antonella Arcuri. Nothing is known of her childhood and the places she grew up, however, she currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

5 Interesting Things to Know About Amanda Arcuri

1. Who are Her Family Members?

Amanda Arcuri has so far shared nothing about herself to the public and that secrecy extends to details about her family as she has not revealed any information about them. None of her interviews or social media accounts contain any information concerning the identity, vocation and current residence of her parents. Also, there is no information available on her siblings – if she has any. However, she has uploaded pictures and posts relating to her parents on her social media accounts. She seems to have a special bond with her mother as she wished her Happy Mother’s Day on 10 May 2015. Her relationship with her father seems to be strained as she posted that he was a slut, smoker, and drunk, even though she also admitted that she loved him nevertheless.

2. Amanda Arcuri’s Education and Career

Information about her education is not available owing to the fact that she has not spilled anything to the public with regards to that. This is one of the many vital information she has managed to keep away from the media despite the facts that she is a celebrity. Until this time, she has not revealed the elementary, high and tertiary schools she attended or if she was homeschooled.

As for her career, she is best known as an actress. Her first and most successful acting role was that of Lola in the Canadian series Degrassi. The character, Lola, is a boy-crazy cheerleader with colorful hair and a vibrant personality that is hard to miss in the halls of Degrassi. She is also very adventurous and wants to try out almost anything. Amanda Arcuri was seen on Degrassi: Next Class, Degrassi: Don’t Look Back, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Degrassi TV.

Asides the Degrassi series, she has starred in a short film titled Grayscale where she played the lead role as Sara Rosen. Amanda also has other movie and television series credits to her name and they include Played (2017), Good Witch (2018), Ransom (2018), Every Day (2018), and Do Not Reply (2019).

3. Has Amanda Arcuri Won Any Awards?

This young actress has not yet bagged any awards or award nominations yet. We will definitely keep you updated on this.

4. Who is Her Boyfriend?

Amanda Arcuri has a boyfriend. However, like some celebrities who value their privacy, she has not disclosed much about her lover except for his name and his identity. He goes by the name Julien Renout. The couple seems to enjoy spending time together as they post several pictures of themselves on their social media platforms. From pictures and videos, Amanda uses every medium to show her affection for her lover.


Digging deeper to learn some things about Julien Renout yielded next to nothing as the only information known is that he is Amanda’s boyfriend. His occupation, family background, and the likes remain a mystery until this time. The couple has no children together and has not announced any plans of tying the knot soon.

5. What is Amanda Arcuri’s Net Worth?

Amanda’s career, though short, has been very successful. With her level of success in the field of acting, it is expected that she has made a considerable amount of income. The acting profession is one that pays its practitioners well and from research, it was found that an average actor in any film or episode of a series is paid about $81,000 per year. However, it is not certain at this time the exact amount she was paid for her reoccurring roles in Degrassi or her other acting gigs, but her cumulative net worth has been put at $500,000 which is expected to rise as her career advances.

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