Anais Zanotti – 5 Key Facts You Should Know About The Model

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As it is a very competitive world, one has to constantly look for ways to stand out as a career person. It is no longer adequate to master most of the skills that are peculiar to a field of endeavour; beyond that, it’s necessary to invade other related fields and learn a thing or two that would make one a better member of his or her profession. Nobody understands this better than Anais Zanotti.

The French model has remained relevant in showbiz not only because she is good at what she does but also because of the fact that she has practically been everywhere. Her activities have attracted her a sizeable fan base. This is obvious in the number of followers she has gathered for herself on social media platforms. As at the time of this report, Anais could brag about having over 5 million followers on Facebook, almost 28 thousand on Twitter and 430 thousand on Instagram.

Considering that, it’s most likely you have encountered Anais and already know a handful of things about her. But then, it is possible you missed certain things that one ought to know about the model. As such, this piece will be looking at some of the key facts of Anais Zanotti’s life.

5 Key Facts You Should Know About Anais Zanotti

1. She’s Half-French and Half Italian

Most people are already aware of this. If you weren’t, well, now you are. Anais is of French and Italian ancestry. This is true, irrespective of the fact that some people have assumed she is American. Meanwhile, Zanotti is often described as just a French model. Owing to this, the model is regarded in several quarters as either an American or a French citizen. While this is not totally wrong, it has failed to give an accurate account of Anais’ origin.

From what we learnt, the only reason Anais is thought an American is because she has been living in Miami, Florida for quite a while now. The lady has been in America for over a decade; she came to the country to pursue a modelling career. In fact, it was in the United States that she learnt how to speak and communicate in English.

Anais Zanotti was born and brought up in St Tropez, southeastern France. Her date of birth is January 8, 1986.

2. Anais Started Her Career as a Fashion and Glamour Model

Although Anais has now gotten herself involved with a number of other endeavours, it is a common knowledge she kicked off as a fashion and glamour model. Thanks to her facial looks, height and fine body structure, it was pretty easy for Anais to penetrate the American modelling industry in order to become an international model which was her goal.

Within the first 24 months of her coming to America, Anais achieved her career goal. She appeared on dozens of magazine covers and got featured on almost all of the famous male magazines and a good number of celebrity magazines including People magazine and the Cosmopolitan US. As she gained more fame, she earned more appearances on many print and web magazines. You will equally find her in most of the popular sports blogs across the globe.

The beginning of Anais’ modelling career has been traced back to when she was 16. It is said that a photographer working with a local magazine insisted to take her pictures after he came across her.


3. She’s No Longer a Regular Model

Over the years, Anais has reinvented herself to remain relevant. Starting out as a fashion and glamour model, her successes elevated her career, ensuring her emergence as a celebrity model. Yet, Zanotti wouldn’t be held back to dwell on her glories. She continued to explore and try out new things. Now, she’s no more a regular model and, it’d be unfair to regard her as one.

She ventured into acting and got herself involved with the activities of an acting studio where she learned the essentials of acting. The lady has since, apart from the numerous commercial gigs she landed, appeared on several movies and tv shows. Prominent among them is her Maria role in 2013’s Exposure.

4. She Loves Sports, is a Stuntwoman and Skydiver

Apparently, being a stuntwoman is one of the factors that have given Anais an edge over others in her field. Owing to the fact that she can do stunts, she is better positioned to land commercials and acting gigs that involves doing stunts. While she has a strong bond with sporting activities, skydiving has won most of her affection and, fitness has always been her passion.

Having been involved in Martial Arts for over a decade and Kick Boxing for a while, the stuntwoman, as a certified skydiver, could brag about almost 1500 jumps. She has on several occasions expressed her love for jumping off from aircraft. Nonetheless, fitness has always been her “biggest passion”. Since she discovered it at the age of 15, she has trained hard and is now a fitness model and also, a Certified Personal Trainer of NASM (National Academy Of Sports Medicine).

5. Details of Her Body Measurements

Sexy, stunning and attractive are some of the words often used to describe Anais Zanotti. Sporting a very fine, brown long hair, tanned skin and mesmerizing green eyes, no one would disagree that Anais is stunningly beautiful and sexually alluring. She is 7 inches taller than 5 feet and, the measurements of her physique which is often regarded as perfect is 34, 24 and 34 inches respectively for her bust, waist and hips.

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