Anatoly Slivko – Biography, Life And Crimes Of The Soviet Serial Killer

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Notorious child molester and Soviet Union serial killer Anatoly Slivko was convicted for the death of seven boys – a spate of deaths which spanned for 22 years towards the second half of the twentieth century. It was also revealed that he molested at least 43 boys who were members of his club known as Chergid. Slivko’s tactic was convincing the boys to participate in his experiments which often ended with their deaths. Moreso, his position as the head of Chergid club made it easy for him to carry out his plans without suspicion.

His distinct act involved getting his victims all dressed up in the uniform of the Young Pioneers with their shoes well polished. His next step was getting them into a state of unconsciousness through controlled hanging and proceeding to strip and fondle them while they are unconscious. He also kept records of most of these events through videos and pictures. Although the number of victims he molested came to a total of 43, he only kept a record
of 36 and also saved the uniforms and footwears he used on them as a souvenir. Here’s how it all began for the serial killer.

Anatoly Slivko’s Biography

The Soviet Serial Killer was born with the full name Anatoly Yemelianovich Slivko on the 28th of December 1938 and his place of birth is Izberbash Dagestan ASSR, Soviet Union. At birth, Slivko had a serious case of hydrocephalus – that is, water on the brain which resulted in numerous genital-urinary tract problems, including erectile dysfunction as an adolescent and bed-wetting as a child. Furthermore, as he grew up, he battled with insomnia and found it difficult to eat which contributed to his emaciated state.

We also gathered that during Slivko’s formative years, his dad suffered imprisonment as a soldier in the war between the Soviet Union and Germany but later came home to face a lot of ridicule for his assumed cowardice. All these issues isolated Anatoly from peer activities as a child because he was really ashamed.

It was also revealed that Anatoly Slivko was not successful with his entrance exam into Moscow State University and had to take part in national service for some time. He subsequently got employment as a Telephone Engineer when he eventually relocated to Stavropol on the Rostov Oblast in 1960. The serial killer put on the facade of a respectable personality in the community as he became some sort of local celebrity for his amateurish documentaries which centered on the atrocities committed by the Germans during the Second World War.

It is not easy to decipher when he became an operator of a children’s club but in 1966, records have it that Anatoly Slivko started a club named Chergid when his first one was gutted by fire.

Life & Crimes of The Soviet Serial Killer

Anatoly Slivko was just 23 years old in 1961 when he happened on an accident where a teenage boy dressed in Young Pioneers uniform was fatally wounded by a drunken motorcycle rider. According to him, he became sexually excited about the gasoline and fire that permeated the environment as the maimed boy convulsed in the throes of death.

A couple of years later, he started exploiting his position as the head of a children’s club to entice some teenage boys to participate in his false experiment which he accomplishes by stretching their spin with the aid of controlled hanging which throws them into unconsciousness. Just like Slivko saw in the traffic accident, he dresses his subjects in Young Pioneers uniform with well-polished shoes and convinces them to abstain from food to avoid vomiting.

When he succeeds in getting them unconscious, he proceeds to strip his victims naked and satisfy his sexual urges through masturbation. In 36 cases, Anatoly Slivko recorded the events on videos and pictures to occupy himself till his next victim comes along. Within a span of 22 years, the number of his victims came to 43 out of which seven died but others resumed their normal life when they regain consciousness, oblivious to what occurred.

The child molester often kept their shoes and uniform as a memento. It is also known that Anatoly Slivko dismembered the bodies of the seven that died and burnt their limbs with gasoline.

His first victim was Nikolai Dobryshev whom he murdered on the 2nd of June 1964, next, the pedophile stumbled on another victim named Aleksei Kovalenko the next year and eventually killed him like the first one in May 1965. His third victim, Aleksander Nesmeyanov came along after 15 years on the 14th of November 1973. The fourth victim was Andrei Pogasyan – an 11-year-old who disappeared on the 11th of May 1975. 13-year-old Sergei Fatsiev became his fifth victim and Vyacheslav
Khovistik whom he murdered in 1982 was the 6th. He killed his 7th and final victim, Sergei Pavlov, on the 23rd of July 1885.

His Wife & Children

The pedophile got married to a woman named Lyudmila and had two sons by her despite his claims that he never experienced sexual satisfaction or even arousal during his marriage.

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