Anne Koppe – Bio, Family, Facts About Jordan Belfort’s Partner

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In the world of business, Anne Koppe has built a solid legacy for herself. She oversees all kinds of business dealings for high-powered members of society. She came to the spotlight after her relationship with the renowned stockbroker and motivational speaker, Jordan Belfort went public. Anne has been an unshakable rock in his life ever since. She is fiercely loyal and supportive of her fiance and would go to great lengths and discomforts to defend him if need be. She spends most of her time handling his business affairs and managing other engagements to ensure that he does not run into any trouble.

Anne is one half of the Global Motivation Inc., a company owned by her husband that focuses on motivating established and aspiring business leaders to break through holds and reach remarkable heights in their careers. As a result of her relationship with the former stockbroker who has a well-publicized shady past, she has often come under attack but instead of trying to extricate herself from the situation, Anne has stood by Jordan regardless of what anyone throws at them. She has given public speeches and interviews in his defense, written open letters which have been widely circulated on social media all in a bid to show her support and belief in the man he has come to be. She is brilliant, strong, bold, hardworking, and devoted to whatever she sets her mind to.

Biography of Anne Koppe

Anne Koppe was born in America to Helen Koppe and Bruce Koppe. Her date of birth is not known as she is yet to make this information public. There is also very little details available about her early life and childhood. After completing her basic education, she headed to Marin High School located in Kentfield California to complete the next phase of her academic journey. Upon graduating from high school, she enrolled at the University of San Diego where she bagged a degree in Political Science in 1989.

As for her professional life, not much is known about her work experience or what she did for a living prior to meeting her fiance, Jordan Belfort. The pair crossed paths for the first time in 2008 while Jordan was in the process of rebuilding his life after serving a 22-month prison sentence for his involvement in fraud that led to many of his investors losing lots of money. Anne seemed to have come into his life at just the right time because she quickly joined forces with him to get his life back on track as quickly as possible. She is an ethically conscious person who refuses to engage with anyone or anything that veers away from what is right and she ensures that he does the same.

Currently, Anne Koppe is working closely with Jordan, serving as his manager and business liaison. She helps set up meetings and stays on top of all affairs that concern his clients, speaking engagements, public appearances and other aspects of his business life. Jordan has a thriving career as a motivational speaker and author having published the bestselling autobiographical novel, The Wolf of Wall Street, which has also been made into a movie featuring stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, , and . A lot of the success that he has achieved is all thanks to the hard work and good sense of Anne Koppe.

Anne Koppe’s Family

Anne has been happily engaged to Jordan Belfort since 2012. They are happily living together in their beautiful California home and are yet to announce when we might expect wedding bells to go dinging. The couple does not have any children together, although Jordan has two children from his second marriage to Nadine Caridi. Similarly, Anne Koppe has a child from her previous marriage. The name of her former husband is not known but her son is called Bowen Boullianne.

Facts About Jordan Belfort’s Partner

1. She is enjoying a whopping net worth with Jordan most of which has come from his previous businesses, book sales, and the expensive speeches he travels all around the world to deliver.

2. Anne has light blonde hair and piercing brown eyes.

3. She frequently jets across continents to support her partner and watch him deliver his speeches or conduct business. Anne Koppe is more than just his fiancee, she is basically his right-hand person and most trusted aide.

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