Arctic Dogs: 5 Facts About Aaron Woodley Animated Comedy Film

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Arctic Dogs is an upcoming animated comedy film about a canine delivery service that revolves around an Arctic fox named Swifty (Renner) who dreams of becoming one of Arctic’s stars’ husky couriers and leaving his dull mailroom job behind. The adventurous comical family animation was directed by Aaron Woodley and co-directed by Dimos Vrysellas. It was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada respectively and has a running time of 93 minutes. The animation is available in two languages: English and Korean.

Actors and actresses that voiced various characters in the movie include who played the voice of Arctic fox, Swifty; is the voice behind the tough mechanic red fox named Jade. Heidi Klum also voices Bertha. is the voice behind a scatterbrained albatross named Lemmy, is the voice behind Doc Walrus, Omar Sy is the voice behind the conspiracy theorist otter named Sal; Michael Madsen is the voice of Duke – a male Eskimo dog. Laurie Holden voiced Dakota – the female Eskimo dog;  Anjelica Huston is the voice behind Maureen, a reindeer, is the voice behind PB, an introverted polar bear and Nina Senicar is the voice behind Inka. Jeremy Renner also sang a song in the movie’s newly-unveiled trailer.

The Storyline of Aaron Woodley’s Animated Comedy Film

In Arctic Dogs, Swifty tries to prove that he’s worthy of becoming a Top Dog and secretly commandeers one of the sleds to deliver a mysterious package to a secret location. There he stumbles upon a hidden fortress where he comes face to face with Otto Von Walrus( John Cleese), an evil genius who walks around on mechanical legs and commands a loyal army of awesomely polite henchmen.

Swifty gets to know about Otto Von Walrus’s dark scheme of drilling beneath the Arctic surface to unleash enough ancient gas to melt the Arctic and flood the earth so as to reign as the world’s supreme leader. Swifty ends up getting entangled in this plot to take over the world and now has to enlist the help of his friends PB, Lemmy, Jade fox, Leopold,  Bertha and Magda to stop Otto Von Walrus. He teams with his ragtag group of friends to try and save the day.

Below are five facts you never knew about the blockbuster set to hit your screen very soon.

5 Facts You Should Know About Arctic Dogs

1. The Animated Comedy Addresses Environmental Hazard

Arctic Dogs is a British-Canadian-South Korea computer-animated comedy film. It, therefore, has a multicultural backdrop with three different countries from three different continents contributing to the animation. This goes a long way to show the interest of the world to the growing threat of flooding and other environmental hazards due to global warming. It also serves the purpose of educating persons who do not take the global warming threat seriously on the need to take heed of the danger or pay the price.

2. The Movie was Renamed

Arctic Dogs was formerly known by the name Arctic Justice or Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad and is based on the animation The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature which Aaron co-wrote with the duo of Cal Brunker and Bob Barle which was distributed by Open Road Films.

The movie’s title was changed for the US release after Open Road Films sold it over to Byron Allen’s theatrical arm Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures. And actually, the name change is cool.

3. It has a Whopping Budget

There is a whopping budget of $50 million for the  Arctic Dogs animation. It is expected that the film is to make a huge profit at the box office when it is released to the public.

4. It Will be Released on More Than 3,500 Screens

The film was initially set to be released by the distributor for The Nut Job 1 & 2, Open Road Films, prior to its bankruptcy filing in September 2018. Then Byron Allen’s theatrical arm Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures acquired the U.S. rights to the animated picture “Arctic Dogs,” from the  American Film Market company. The motion picture has since being scheduled for a wide theatrical release on more than 3,500 screens this November. The film will be released on the 1st of November, 2019 by CJ E&M Pictures in Korea and by Entertainment Studios in the USA.

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5. It is a PG-Rated Movie 

Despite being a pretty harmless kids entertainment with regards to its message and humor, Arctic Dogs animation is PG-rated (Parental Guidance) due to some mild action and rude humor in the film.

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