Aren Marcus Jackson Biography – 5 Key Facts You Need To Know

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Aren Marcus Jackson has had several run-ins with the law which eventually cost him his freedom. Now jailed for crimes he has insisted he didn’t commit, the man is definitely most known as the absentee husband of Tia Maria Torres. The woman isn’t someone you shouldn’t know. Among other things, she is admired for being a reality television star, the Animal Planet show, Pit Bulls & Parolees revolves around her.

Tia is a woman with a big heart and love for animals, especially dogs. She has spent most of her life caring for them and housing them until they can get adopted into a loving family of their own. Asides featuring in the popular series, she also owns and runs the largest Pit Bull animal shelter in the entire United States. While most people find these creatures to be dangerous and intimidating, Tia only sees the good in them and nurtures the creatures in that manner.

While her professional life has been on display for several years running, her personal life is shrouded in mystery. Tia Torres has been married to her longtime partner since 2006, however, Aren Marcus Jackson has spent most of that time in jail. He is currently serving a 15-year sentence in California Prison for multiple felonies and is expected to be discharged sometime in 2022.

Aren Marcus Jackson – Biography

Aren Marcus Jackson was born in August 1968. His exact birth date is not known, neither are details about his early life, parents, siblings, or even where he went to school. There is not a lot of information about Aren’s teenage years, however, it is well known that he has had frequent run-ins with the law. Aren was a troubled rule-breaking child who grew into a troubled criminal adult. He has a rap sheet as tall as he is, and has committed all kinds of crimes from misdemeanors to felonies.

In the past, Aren has been arrested for stealing cars, firearms and ammunition, felony evasion, attempted murder, and violating parole. His most recent brush with the law occurred in 2007 when he was arrested and charged with 11 felonies which included grand theft auto, second-degree burglary of a vehicle, receiving stolen property, and unlawful taking of a vehicle. A search in his home revealed stolen driver’s licenses, heroin, stolen social security cards, and drug-related materials. He pleaded not guilty to all the charges, but later struck a plea deal and he went from facing life imprisonment to being sentenced to just 15 years and 8 months.

Personal Life

As we’ve already established above, Aren Marcus Jackson is known for his marriage to Tia Torres Jackson, a TV personality and a dog shelter owner. As the story goes, the two met sometime in the 1980s and it was a lost dog that made their paths cross. The TV personality wanted to get a lost dog released to her care and she had to track down the owner who was serving time in the California penitentiary, the person she was looking for turned out to be Aren.

They became friends and began writing and sending letters to each other and their friendship soon blossomed into a raging love affair. They genuinely cared about each other despite the fact that Aren was absent for most of the time they were dating. When Aren was finally paroled in 2006, they decided to make things official by tying the knot and living out the rest of their days together. Aren and Tia exchanged vows sometime in 2006.

Unfortunately, their marital bliss was short-lived, as less than two years later, Aren was once again arrested for his involvement in an auto burglary. Tia stood by her husband through the ordeal and trial, claiming that he had been falsely accused and had no business being in jail for crimes he didn’t commit.

5 Key Facts You Need To Know

1. Before his final arrest, Aren Marcus Jackson came up with a wonderful program that helped rehabilitate parolees and reintegrate them with society by using dogs as a form of therapy. The program was covered extensively in the media and there were talks with producers who wanted to turn it into a reality series, but trouble came knocking before he could see it through.

2. Aren Marcus Jackson is the father of four children whom he shares with his wife Tia. Their first daughter Tania Torres is from Tia’s former relationship. They have a biological daughter named Mariah Torres, and two adopted Hawaiian brothers named Kanani Chock and Keli’i Chock.

3. His children are all grown up now and they assist with the animal shelter. They also make time to visit him in jail.

4. Aren has been accused of being a drug addict but this allegation has not been confirmed. However, he does use medical marijuana to treat the terrible headaches he suffers from and he has a prescription for it.

5. His wife Tia made a Facebook post stating that she and Aren have been divorced for a while now. However, their split hasn’t been officially confirmed.

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