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In this 21st century when the evolution of technology has compressed the whole world into a small space, thanks to the internet, anyone’s life can change in an unimaginably short time. Take Karina Garcia for instance, she grew from obscurity to fame within just three years for just making “SLIME!” When Garcia posted her first video on YouTube in 2015, she never thought that three years later, she’d be featured on Forbes, own her own toy company and even get to close mega deals with top brands.

In her words, her success still seems like a dream and it is all thanks to the fact that she merely chose to pursue her daydream. The odds were in her favor and her hobby soon became a career. Millions of kids across the world watch her YouTube videos and practically idolize her. Here is the awe-inspiring story of her journey to the top.

YouTube Star Karina Garcia’s Biography, Age

Karina Garcia and her twin sister, Mayra Isabel was born on the 8th of February 1994 in Riverside, California, into a large family that didn’t really have much. In addition to herself, her parents had a total of 8 children and barely made enough to cater for all.

Garcia was able to make it through high school but right after that, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life. While on break from college, she began working as a waitress for her brother. In 2012, Garcia opened a YouTube channel but never got around to it until in 2015 when she saw her twin sister Mayra Isabel posting make-up tutorials on her YouTube channel MayraTouchOfGlam.

Garcia had been holding back waiting for the perfect time but when it dawned on her that there was no such thing as a perfect time, she got right into it and started making videos, making sure to just simply have fun with it.

Like her sister, Karina Garcia began by posting make-up videos and DIY craft videos. One day, she stumbled on a simple slime recipe video on Pinterest and decided to try it out on her channel. Her first slime video got loads of views as there were just a few slime videos on YouTube at the time. As Garcia made more videos about slime, so did her subscribers grow, from 60k to 250k and now over 10 million subscribers!

Garcia found herself excelling in an unexpected niche and was soon labelled the “Slime Queen.” As Garcia told ABC News, she now spends 80% of her time just creating slime. From slime challenges to experimenting with different textures and fragrances and even making slime balloon stress balls, Garcia has taken slime – a toy that has existed across generations, to a whole new level.

Karina Garcia’s Net Worth

Thanks to a thing as simple as slime, Karina Garcia is a millionaire. Like popular YouTube millennials, she has begun building an empire with her online presence. She has founded her own toy company Craft City where she basically gets uber creative with slime making, as well as producing her own slime kits. Her products are sold at Target, Michael’s, Jo-Ann Stores and Ross retail stores. In addition to proceeds from her company, Garcia also mints from ads on her videos and endorsement deals. She is well worth over $5 million.


As earlier stated, Karina Garcia was born into a large family with parents who didn’t really have much. As of 2015 when she began posting her YouTube videos, her family was living in a two-bedroom mobile apartment. But fast forward to 2018, Karina Garcia had become even more famous than her sister on YouTube and was earning 6 figures. With her slime money, she bought her family a Los Angeles mansion, fulfilling her dreams of taking care of her parents who have now been able to retire comfortably.

Of her 7 siblings, the most known remains her twin sister Mayra Isabel. Garcia had made her first YouTube appearance on one of her sister’s videos titled “Twin Tag!” Garcia’s sister now has over 2 million YouTube subscribers and operates a separate vlog where she communicates in Spanish. Mayra is married to Bryan Renteria, a man she dated for 6 years before getting engaged to him in 2016, their wedding took place in 2017.

Like her twin sister, Karina Garcia has also begun building her own family. On Valentines’s day of 2018, her boyfriend of 5 years Raul Aguilar proposed to her and in April of 2019, the pair were married. Aguilar also owns a slime shop.

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