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Arzaylea’s other name is Rodriguez. Though her followers are yet to decide if her birthday is 14th or 19th October, it has been agreed that she was born in 1994.

She’s often been described as an “American social media influencer” because of the number of followers she’s gathered for herself on social media platforms. While she can boast of almost 450 thousand followers on Instagram, her tweets are being stalked by over 222 thousand fans.

Many believe Arzaylea doesn’t deserve to be famous. Words on street have it that she literally got famous for being disrespectful to people, including her mother. This inspired a campaign with the hashtag -#unfollowarzaylea. True, Arzaylea lost several of her followers to the campaign. But then, it’s as though it did her more good than harm. People wanted to know why she should be unfollowed and she ultimately became more popular than she was.

The unfollow Arzaylea story has everything to do with her being romantically involved with Luke Hemmings. Before we get to that, let’s reveal some background information about Arzaylea Rodriguez.

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Arzaylea Rodriguez Wiki/Bio

From what we gathered, Arzaylea was born and brought up in Austin, Texas with her three siblings. She has two brothers (Arzel & Angel) and a sister named Aliezah.

It is said that her father has for long, been making a living in the music industry. Although the details of his activities in the industry are unknown, it’s believed that he introduced Arzaylea to the business of making music hoping she would therein, find a career path.

Despite Arzaylea being surrounded by music instruments while she was still a kid, and her dad’s unrelenting efforts to inspire a passion for music that will thrive in her, she wasn’t cut out for being a musician. Thus, she picked up several jobs to support herself and her family. It’s known that she worked and earned almost nothing for a long time in Los Angeles as a personal assistant.

Arzaylea has been active on various social media platforms before she eventually became popular on the internet. Nonetheless, people have been faithful in regularly pointing out that she gained a larger portion of her followers on social media from being in a relationship with Luke Hemmings.

According to records, Arzaylea as a social media influencer has worked with a handful of companies. She has been linked with PopSmile, Vanity Planet, SugarBearHair and other establishments. Presently, she’s working with Kitten Agency – a division of Galore Media tasked to gather people with strong social media presence together in order to create marketing campaigns.

Arzaylea Relationship With Luke Hemmings

The #unfollowarzaylea campaign started after it emerged that she cheated on Luke Hemmings, the “” guitarist and lead vocalist.

To Luke Hemmings’ fans, it’s simply unacceptable for Arzaylea to remain famous. She was a gold-digger who gained her fame from being Luke’s girlfriend and must be stripped of it for cheating on him. That wouldn’t happen though. Arzaylea’s fame has thrived since the controversy between her and Hemmings.

Arzaylea Rodriguez and Luke Hemmings started going out sometime in April 2015. It’s said that they met at ‘s 18th birthday party.

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In 2017, after several speculations about the status of their relationship, it emerged that things have fallen apart between Arzaylea and Luke. It’s now obvious that they are no longer together. All doubts were cleared when Luke and most of his friends unfollowed Arzaylea on social media.

Rumour has it that Arzaylea cheated on Luke through out the time they were together with another musician known as Blackbear. To cite an instance, it was allegedly exposed that she lied to Luke about the death of a family dog. She told him she was going home for a week because of the death; but then, spent just 12 hours at home and went out with Blackbear for his tour for the rest of the time.

5 Seconds of Summer fans who have always expressed that Arzaylea was taking advantage of Luke, came up with many pieces of evidence which showed that Arzaylea was having an affair with Blackbear. It was claimed that she sneaked out to be with him at the Coachella music festival. This was made apparent when pictures of her wearing Blackbear’s clothes circulated on the internet.

Arzaylea’s Response To The Allegations

Arzaylea typically responded to the allegations against her with social media comments similar to the ones shown below. She tweeted:

And later said:

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Who’s Arzaylea Dating Now?

Since Arzaylea and Luke broke up, the later has been spotted with a number of ladies. In particular, it was recently insinuated that something is up between him and Justin Bieber’s ex, Sahara Ray. That was after he hinted on Instagram that he and the Australian bikini model spent some time together.

Also, a handful of pictures of Luke and former pageant contestant Nadia Mejia circulated suggesting that they more than just friends.

Before Luke Hemmings, Arzaylea dated Austin Carlile and Papi Flaco. Hardly can anyone tell if she’s presently going out with anyone. However, it has been speculated that she and Blackbear are together but taking things slowly.

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