Who Is Kootra? Is He Still Married To His Wife Or Divorced?

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Kootra is a handful when it comes to the things he is passionate about. He is a cinematic designer and a YouTuber who is popularly known for uploading the games he plays online as well as the catchy and hilarious commentating himself and other online gamers make whenever they play a variety of games. He is also a member and founder of TheCreatureHub as well as a highly skilled machinimator who creates cinematic production and video games with the use of real-time computer graphics engines. This has made his YouTube subscribers grow to over nine and twenty-seven thousand (927k). Here are more interesting details about him.

Who Is Kootra?

Jordan Mathewson popularly known as Kootra was born in Montana, United States of America, on the 24th of April 1991. Soon after his birth, he and his family moved to Scotland where they spent close to five years before returning to the United States to be resident in Colorado. As a kid, Kootra was so much obsessed with fireworks which somewhat made him a pyromaniac. This obsession began after one of his uncles gifted him some fireworks as a present on his birthday. When he was much older, he worked briefly at a golf course as an assistant greenskeeper.

He then took interest in graphics designing and video editing with more focus on 3D modeling and lens flares. He also honed his skills in the creation of machinimas by using the Unreal Engine of the development kit generally known as the Unreal Development  Kit (UDK). Though these interests were initially meant to be a pastime for him, he became quite good at it. For his machinima creations, the games he sampled were “Halo” and “Call of Duty 4.” Coupled with his gaming skills, he then decided to create a Youtube page to showcase his passion which he did.


On the 26th of January 2008, Kootra’s YouTube career was kick-started. After creating the channel, he named it Kootra. That was actually how he became popularly known with the moniker. On the channel, he posted a variety of videos of his games including; Advanced Creeper, Craft Spice, So Lucky and MW2 Insane Tactical Knife Throwing. These videos quickly drew the attention of fans with over 329 million views and a good number of subscribers over 927 thousand on his YouTube page.

In addition, his videos were broadcast on the Let’s Play and Machinima platforms. After running the Kootra channel for a few years, he decided to start a new channel called “TheCreatureHub” on the 6th of April 2011, which would feature gaming session videos from different gamers alongside humorous commentating of them goofing around. The channel was very successful as it has recorded over five hundred and seventy (570) views and boasts of over one million subscribers.

However, the last video content on the channel was posted on the 13th of July 2017 after Kootra bade fans a farewell. This was largely due to the exiting of most of its members who moved on to other passions. The members of Thecreaturehub were; Gary Moss (Junkyard129), Anthony (ChilledChaos), Max Gonzalez (GassyMexican), Edwin Cardona Jr. (xXSlyFoxHoundXx), Kevin McFarlane (GoldenBlackHawk), Seamus O’Doherty (SSoHPKC), Dexter J Manning (TheDexterManning) and Jordan Mathewson (Kootra).

Kootra’s Net Worth 

It’s no hidden news that a large number of YouTube content developers are earning a huge chunk of money from their profession and the number is only increasing. With the successful management of two major channels “Kootra,” and thecreaturehub,” Kootra has been able to amass a personal wealth which runs into a whopping eight hundred thousand dollars ($800 k) in net worth.

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Is He Still Married To His Wife Or Divorced?

Kootra’s past relationships have been kept out of the spotlight for most parts of his career as a YouTube personality. Nevertheless, he has revealed the fact that he is a married man. Kootra began dating Monica Mathewson in 2010 and by the following year, November 11th, 2011, the pair walked down the aisle in a wedding ceremony attended by close friends and family relations.

Things were reportedly going smoothly in their union but news came forth that the pair were planning to get separated. On the 5th of January 2015, their divorce was finalized. The couple never had any children throughout the period they were married. After his divorce, Kootra is yet to be spotted with any woman with whom he may be involved with romantically. He is still single and apparently loving the freedom.

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