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Barret Oliver will be forever remembered for his starring roles in movies like The NeverEnding Story, as well as the Cocoon film series. Born and brought up in California, Oliver developed an interest in the performing arts as a child, just like his older brother Kyle who appeared in several roles in the early 1980s movies. Oliver made his movie debut at the age of nine on the set of Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again (1982). His performance here led to several other minor roles. He established himself as a talented performer with his first few movies which later translated to his big break in 1984 on the set of the film The NeverEnding Story – a movie adaptation of Michael Ende’s novel which brought him to further media attention, as well as critical acclaim.

His subsequent success resulted in him playing the role of the robot Daryl in D.A.R.Y.L – a 1985 movie, earning him further recognition, in addition to a Saturn Award. Unfortunately, Barret Oliver disappeared from the acting scene after his stint in a couple of Cocoon films. Presently, he is focusing on his career in photography which he teaches in LA through workshops and classes, but his fans can’t help but feel that he forfeited what could have turned out to be a very successful acting career.

Barret Oliver – Biography, Age

Though he came to public attention as Barret Oliver, his full name is Barret Spenser Oliver. Born in Los Angeles, California on the 24th of August 1973, the former child actor is the second son of Kent and Kathy Oliver. His older brother Kyle Oliver who was born three years ahead of him became a source of inspiration to the aspiring actor as he watched Kyle act in movies. He quickly developed an interest in acting and consequently started attending auditions for both movies and television roles. Growing up in Los Angeles, which is renowned as the movie capital of the U.S, aided him in developing confidence in front of the camera.

Though his dad worked in interior decoration, he was well connected in the movie world and thus, helped both Barret and his big brother Kyle get auditions through family and friends. While he was busy auditioning for roles, the young Barret Oliver did not neglect his education at Los Feliz School in LA. When he started getting acting roles from his auditions, he had his mum Kathy act as his manager.

His debut experience in front of the camera was on the set of Jell-O, alongside, although it was not a speaking role. He proved to the casting directors that he had confidence acting in front of the camera. Oliver had several other roles throughout his career but took a bow from the world of entertainment in 1989, after his last role in Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills.

Family – Parents, Wife

Since the former child actor left the acting scene in 1986, information regarding Barret Oliver’s personal life has not been circulating much. This has made it somewhat difficult to get access to his past dating life and current relationship status. No one knows who he has dated in the past and in the same vein, it is not certain whether he is still single or married.

Unlike his relationship history, information on his parents is public knowledge. His father, Kent, is a known interior designer with his base in Los Angeles while his mother, Kathy, once acted as his manager during his days as a child actor – as previously mentioned

Net Worth

Barret Oliver has done well for himself both as a child actor and in his current profession as a photographer. According to several sources, his current net worth is estimated at $400,000. Considering he is still active in his chosen career, there’s still stands a chance for his net worth to increase.

Other Facts About Barret Oliver

1. As an author, he wrote the book – A History of the Woodburytype, which was released in May 2007.

2. He studied the 19th Century Wet-Plate process under the tutelage of Stephen Berkman – a great artist. Barret Oliver also spent quality time studying with a couple of master photographers like George Tice and Cole Weston.

3. Oliver’s work has come on display in several galleries and museums and has also been used in the movies.

4. The former juvenile actor is of average body build, sporting a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 1.72m with light brown eyes and hair of the same color. His weight is not known.

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