Ben Mazowita – Bio, Family, Facts About Cristine Rotenberg’s Boyfriend

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All over the world, a lot of people have achieved fame through the internet by posting videos of them doing one thing or the other that the public can relate to or at the very least, love and want to keep seeing more of. However, there is an even smaller group who have become widely famous not for their own creative abilities or content, but for their relationship with the personalities who create popular and viral content. Ben Mazowita is in the latter category.

Mazowita is a Canadian criminal statistics analyst who is best known for being the boyfriend and partner of the popular YouTube star, Christine Rotenberg, also known as Simply Nailogical. He became a popular figure after he began appearing in his girlfriend’s videos, helping her paint her nails or making funny remarks while she paints his own. His cheery and easygoing personality endeared him to many and they began flocking to his social media platforms to learn more about him and keep up with his life. Ben gained several hundred thousand followers on his Instagram page and YouTube channel this way. He is a very supportive boyfriend who is adept at balancing the rigors of fame with his work and personal life so as to prevent each one from harming the other. The statistics analyst also has a line of businesses which he runs alone or in collaboration with his world-famous girlfriend.

Ben Mazowita Bio

Ben Mazowita, who also goes by Bentendo, Benlogical, or Simply Ben, was born on March 31, 1988, in Canada, which makes him a citizen of the country. He belongs to the white ethnic group. After completing his early education at the French Immersion School, he went on to college, where he studied to become a criminologist. Although his work history is unknown, he is currently putting his degree to good use as a crime statistics analyst for the Canadian government.

His rise to fame began after he began dating the YouTube star, Christine Rotenberg, the brilliant woman behind the Simply Nailogical channel. She established herself as a vlogger by posting videos of nail art tutorials and other beauty content which attracted a large online following and grew her subscriber count to 7.2 million over the years. Her comedic antics and genuine talent made her stand out on the content sharing space, differentiating her brand from all the others that were striving to do the same thing. She also did a lot of giveaways and challenges which helped to grow her reputation even further and she often took Ben along for the ride.

Eventually, Ben Mazowita stopped being simply Christine’s boyfriend, but her business partner as well. They have released various merchandise items such as shirts, caps, and hoodies which their fans love to buy. He also has his own line of nail stickers and polish that he promotes via his girlfriend’s channel. Ben has his own YouTube channel with more than 214K followers despite the fact that he has only uploaded three videos so far. He frequently appears in his girlfriend’s vlogs and his most notable features include My Boyfriend Paints My Nails AND HE BREAKS ONE!!! GRRR and My Boyfriend Watermarbles My Nails WITH BEER!. His Instagram page has garnered over 400,000 followers on his Instagram page where he regularly shares pictures of him and his girlfriend, their cats, and other aspects of his daily life.

Ben Mazowita’s Family

The most that’s known about Ben Mazowita’s family is that he has a brother, but the criminal statistics expert is yet to reveal his name or the name of his parents. He has not spoken a lot about his personal life with regards to his family, what kind of upbringing he had, or anything else that might lend insight into his family situation.

However, he is building a new family with his lovely girlfriend, Christine Rotenberg. They currently share a house together in Ottawa and they have two kids, cats named Zyler and Menchie. The couple seems genuinely happy together and shows no signs of splitting up anytime soon.

Facts About Christine Rotenberg’s Boyfriend

1. Ben Mazowita lived in Australia at some point in his life.

2. He is a lover of animals, although he mostly feels a kinship with cats.

3. Mazowita enjoys playing a game called Donkey Kong and he is brilliant at it. He shares some of his incredibly high scores on his social media pages for his followers to see.

4. His most popular brand of nail sticker is called Ben’s Banana Vinyls and they are quite stunning.

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