Jeff Hardy (Wrestler) Bio, WWE Career, Age, Height and Net Worth 

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Jeff Hardy is an American wrestler well known as a force to reckon with in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). While he is more popular as a wrestler, he is also a painter and songwriter. As a result of his multiple skills, Hardy has got a generous followership for himself on the internet, many of who turn up for his matches in droves.

Bio and Age

The wrestler was born Jeffrey Nero Hardy on August 31, 1977, Cameron, North Carolina where he was raised alongside his elder brother, Matt Hardy (who is also a wrestler) by their parents, Gilbert and Ruby Moore Hardy.

Unfortunately, by the time he was nine, he lost his mom and from then on, it was his father who had the sole responsibility of bringing them up. He worked on the tobacco farm where he was soon joined by his boys in order to ensure that they make ends meet.

As a young boy growing up with his brother, all that the younger Hardy wanted was to be a professional wrestler in the then World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Because it was not something conventional, their father who felt there was no way his sons would make it as professional wrestlers advised them to quit dreaming and take jobs as postmen or other things in the civil service.

Hardy attended the Union Pines High School where he played football. There, he also started fighting as an amateur wrestler.

Jeff Hardy’s WWE Career

Before hitting the WWF and later the WWE, Jeff Hardy alongside and carnie Kenneth Morgan with whom they had some wrestling fairs. Continuously growing in the sport, Jeff Hardy began as a jobber in the WWF. His job was simply to lose fights and make opponents appear stronger than they were. He went on to found The Hardy Boyz together with his brother and that led to their first WWF contract in 1998.

The first time he made a serious name for himself in WWE was in 2002 when he fought in the singles competition, going against for the WWE Undisputed Championship in a ladder match. Although he lost, he earned the respect and admiration of fans and officials.

He went to the Independent circuit in 2006, but returned to the WWE in 2006, bringing back the Hardy Boyz. From then on, he would continue his fight both as an individual and as a team with his brother. He has used names such as Willow, Brother Nero, Wolverine, and many more in the ring. He was released from the WWE roster in 2009, which led him to drug use, nonetheless, he continued fighting and doing other things, until 2017 when he made a comeback.

From a WWE career that can be described as very successful thus far, Hardy does not only have a great fan base, but also many titles to his name. He has won the World Heavyweight Championship, a WWE Championship, WWE European Championship, WWE United States Championship, and 6 WWF/World Tag Team Championship titles with Matt Hardy. Overall as a fighter, he has won almost 50 titles.


Net Worth

Considering how far he has come and how hard he has worked, it is very easy for one to agree that Jeff Hardy just like his brother Matt Hardy, has paid his due in full as far as wrestling is concerned. Not only has he been around fighting from a time when many cannot even remember, he has recorded many victories and has evolved with the sport.

That stated, the WWE wrestler is estimated to have a net worth of $12 million. He made his fortune from his salary and winnings Apart from that, there is also his  which also allows revenue to flow in. He is also said to have various other streams of revenue.


Even though he can sometimes be very scary in the ring, Hardy has gone on to have a very enviable relationship. He is married to Beth Britt whom he has met since 1999. The two got married after 12 years of dating in 2011.

Their union is blessed with two children, Ruby Claire and Nera Quinn.

Height and Weight

Just as it is with most other wrestlers, Hardy has a good height and body build, helping him to survive in the sport that is more physical than anything else. As a result of his athletic build, he would have also succeeded as a footballer which he was involved in during his high school days.

In numbers, Hardy has a height that measures 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m) and a body weight of 236 lb (107 kg).

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