Blake Michael Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

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Most of the people who can tell a thing or two about Blake Michael most likely recognized him for the first time as Tyler in Dog With a Blog. Though one wouldn’t be wrong to proclaim that he’s known across the globe for the Disney channel role, it would be out of place to imagine that any detail people (his fans) may desire to know about him is readily available; this is simply not so.

For that reason, this piece goes beyond providing a concise account of Blake Michael’s life to exhaust the facts people may need to know about the director, actor, and model.

Blake Michael’s Biography

Blake Michael observes his birth anniversary every last day of the month of July. He was born on the 31st day of the month in 1996. Although the star now resides in Los Angeles, California, his documents have it that his place of birth was in Atlanta Georgia.

Famed and celebrated across the globe as an American actor, it is unknown to many that the entertainer is of mixed heritage. The man is of Latin-Hispanic, Russian Jewish descent. As far as we can tell, Blake is the last of his parent’s (Monique and Steven Michael) two children. Yeah, his only sibling is his elder brother named Zack.

5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About Him

1. His Passion for Acting was Obvious at the Age of 3

Don’t wonder what Blake is talking about if you ever come across him asserting that acting is his “calling” and not a career. His passion for art is inborn as he knew he was cut-out for the entertainment industry at the young age of 3. If we are to believe the claims on his site (, Blake as a lad wouldn’t stop wanting to be inside the tv box just as he wouldn’t stop telling stories and drawing.

Owing to this, he got signed to an agent when he was only 3 years old. Two years later, he started attending acting classes. It didn’t take long before the lad proved that his longing to take an active part in the activities of the entertainment industry wasn’t misguided. It is said that before he turned 9, he has already established himself as a model and an actor. He even started writing and directing short films at the tender age.

 2. He was so Cool YouTube Partnered with him When he Was Only 12

If you aren’t aware of this, it’s probably because you haven’t bothered to check. Blake Michael is still being celebrated as one of the youngest fellas that earned for themselves a YouTube partnership. He accomplished this at the age of 12 and, the partnership deal revolves around his comedic and magic-related videos.

For those who were familiar with Blake’s craze for entertaining people then, the feat wasn’t a thing of surprise because a year earlier, the youngster inked a 3-year deal with Cartoon Network. He was hired by the network to host his own series of shows which he named Fried Dynamite and Dynamite Action Squad. 

3. Blake Michael’s Awards and Nominations thus Far

With the YouTube/Cartoon Network deals and other accomplishments he had gained from his entertainment endeavours, it was only anticipated when Blake at the age of 13 earned for himself a lead role in Disney Channel’s movie, Lemonade Mouth. This only made way for him to take on another lead role as Tyler James in Disney’s comedy tv series, Dog With a Blog which remains one of his most notable works.

While Dog With a Blog received four Emmy nominations and earned Blake the 2013 Young Artist Award, the music he composed for a short film – Notes of Hers – while working on Disney’s series, bagged the Red Rock Film Festival’s Audience Choice Award. This was also in 2013.


4. His Body Features

We’ve mentioned that Blake is also into modeling right? Well, he is and has been faring well in the industry just as in acting. True, Blake Michael is super talented – no one should disagree with that. But then, one of the factors that have extremely helped his smooth ride in the world of entertainment is his good looks.

Again, no one would disagree that he’s handsome – he’s truly attractive. This is extremely obvious when one pays attention to his peaceful brown eyes and hair. He stands an inch taller than 6 feet (1.86 m) which is perfect for his 175 lb weight.

5. He has a Strong Liking for Swimming

Owing to the fact the Black is adventurous and with a natural attribute that is keen to encourage creativity almost always, it’s easy for a lot of things to capture his interest. One of the numerous things which have so far caught his interest is swimming, he has a strong love for the water sport. We’ve traced his fondness for swimming to when he was still a boy. It is said that he got the craze for swimming from his older brother, Zack who’s now an aeronautical engineer.

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