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In the entertainment industry, there are families who have made themselves forces to reckon with when it comes to the show business. One of such families is the Cyrus family which has at its head, . One of his daughters, Brandi Cyrus is a musician, DJ, and an actress. Brandi was not always a child of Billy Ray Cyrus but she is one of the reasons why the Cyrus family name is a big one in the movie industry and in Nashville where country music reigns supreme. She is perhaps one of the most versatile of the Cyrus’ as she also has a thriving career as a TV host. In recent years, she has chosen to focus more on hosting gigs.

Brandi Cyrus Bio (Age)

On the 26th of May, 1987 in Nashville, Tennessee, Brandi Glenn Helson was born to Leticia Jean Cyrus and , her mother is an actress while her father played the drums for some local bands. There is not a lot of information about her childhood, especially information on her early education.

Brandi has been involved in many artistic pursuits, singing, acting and hosting of shows. Her foray in music was with the creation of a band with two of her friends when she was still a kid. The band is called Frank and Derol and although it was initially made up of three people (Megan Park, Brandi Cyrus, and Codi Caraco), it is just Cyrus and Caraco who are still members of the band.

They released their debut EP in 2012 with the song Barely Love You Too as the EP’s lead song. Brandi’s career since that time has taken a different route and although the band turned duo is not defunct, they are yet to release any new music since their EP in 2012. As a musician, Brandi has worked with and Billy Ray Cyrus on some of their tours.

Her Acting Career

Brandi Cyrus has had the opportunity to appear in a few films and television shows, but the bulk of her time in front of the camera has been spent hosting shows.

As an actress, she had a few cameo appearances in the show Hannah Montana, as well as the film version of the show, both of which feature her father and step-sister, Miley. She has also appeared in Zoey 101, Truly Tish, and Brandiville.

Meet Brandi Cyrus’ Family (Parents and Siblings)

The Cyrus family can be compared to the Von Trapp family of the 1965 classic film, The Sound of Music, for how each member of the Cyrus family has made a contribution in a small or big way to the film and music industry.

Billy Ray Cyrus got married to Leticia Finley in 1993 after they had been dating for a while. By the time they got married, Leticia already had three children. Of the three, she had two, Brandi and her brother , with her first husband and one with Billy Ray.

The child Leticia had with Billy Ray Cyrus is the pop star and possibly the most famous member of the Cyrus family, Miley Cyrus. Miley was born before they got married and after they got married, Leticia had two more children, , and . When Leticia and Billy got married he decided to adopt her two kids (Brandi and Trace) from her previous marriage.

The marriage of Brandi Cyrus’ parents has faced some challenges in the past with both parties filing for divorce at different times but the couple has managed to power through and keep their marriage.

Billy Ray Cyrus has to his name 12 albums and more than 30 singles; in his career as a solo artist, he has sold over 20 million copies of his music worldwide. He was also part of the band Brother Clyde, but they did not have a long music career as a band. Billy Ray is also an actor who had his acting debut in 1992 and continues to act till date.

Brandi’s step-sisters, Miley and Noah are also actresses and musicians. Miley Cyrus is widely known for her Hannah Montana role and she is just as equally as successful musically as her father. Trace, who is Brandi’s brother is a pop-rock artist and has worked with a number of bands.

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