Brian Miller Biography – 5 Interesting Things You Need To Know

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An English television and film actor of old, Brian Miller is a veteran who made his name in the industry without appearing in too many movies and shows. He picked his first professional role in 1965 but only gained recognition as an actor in 1985 through the movie, Brazil. His other notable roles were played in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1984) Casualty (1993-2012), Coronation Street (1981-2012) and Line of Duty (2012). He was also seen on Dr. Who, alongside his better half – Elisabeth Sladen.

More about the veteran British actor will be discussed below.

Brian Miller’s Biography

Named Brian Reginald Miller at his birth, the actor was born on 17th April 1941. No details have been found about the early life of the English actor and as such, nothing is known about his educational background or family members.

Information found in his record is focused on his professional life, starting from his early days with his wife Elisabeth Sladen who was a star on . The two relocated to Liverpool after her stint on Doctor Who came to an end. Subsequently, the husband and wife duo teamed up in a series of plays. They even went ahead to portray onscreen husband and wife to much acclaim.

Miller played a few minor roles at the early stage of his career. He was simply credited as ‘husband’s friend’ in Suburban Wives, a 1971 British sex comedy. In 1978, he played an uncredited role in The Big Sleep and the next year, he appeared as Fred in Summer’s Children, a Canadian drama film. Playing the role of Mr. Archibald Buttle in Terry Gilliam’s film, Brazil in 1985, made him more popular and has remained one of his best projects to date.

Other small roles Brian Miller takes credit for are the portrayal of Fishmonger in The Punk (1993), a party guest in The Ghost of Greville Lodge (2000) and as a police officer in Number One, Longing. Number Two, Regret (2004).

Some other television series he has graced with his presence include Blake’s 7 (in the episode – Horizon), The Bill, Angels, Wizards vs Aliens and more. He has also given life to one of the characters in The Archers – he portrayed Jason the builder in the radio serial. His most recent appearances were made as Cliff Pughes in Coronation Street.

5 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Brian Miller

  • 1. He Has Only Been Married Once

On 8 June 1968, Brian Miller and actress, Elisabeth Sladen became man and wife at an official ceremony held in Liverpool. The couple first met when Sladen was working on her first production at the local repertory theatre in Liverpool, England, which happens to her home.

The marriage between the thespians endured for many decades until death came calling on 19th April 2011. The Engish actress was earlier diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer in February of the same year and couldn’t make it through the battle. Her death created a media buzz and one episode of Doctor Who (“The Impossible Astronaut”) was dedicated to her memory.

Brian has one daughter, actress Sadie Miller, from his marriage to Elisabeth.

  • 2. He Collaborated With His Wife And Daughter

Brian Miller, his wife Elisabeth Sladen and their daughter, Sadie Miller, have worked on many projects together. The trio performed in a number of Sarah Jane Smith audio plays which were released by Big Finish Productions.

Also, Miller and Sladen were costars in The Sarah Jane Adventures where he appeared as Harry the caretaker in the serial “The Mad Woman in the Attic” (2009). Other projects that featured the couple include a two-person production dubbed Mooney and his Caravans, as well as Miller playing the role of Sladen’s character’s husband in the ITV drama Send In The Girls.

  • 3. Doctor Who Record

The veteran actor has made a lot of appearances on Doctor Who productions. He was in the serial Snakedance (1983) as Dugdale, he was the voice of Dalek in Resurrection of the Daleks (1984), he appeared in Remembrance of the Daleks (1988), portrayed Winston in the 2005 stage production of The Trial of Davros, as well as Barney in the 2014 episode “Deep Breath”.

He holds the record as one out of 37 actors to appear in the 20th Century Doctor Who and 21st Century Doctor Who.


  • 4. Net worth

Both Miller and his late wife made a lot of impact in the acting industry but their earnings have never been made public. Thus, there’s nothing known about his net worth or what his late wife left behind but judging from Elisabeth’s career exploits, she must have accrued a lot of wealth before her final bow.

  • 5. Height

Although no accurate figure can be placed on his height as the actor has not shared such information, Brian Miller, no doubt, measures at least 6 feet in height.

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