Candy Stevens – Biography And Facts About Charles Manson’s Wife

Candy Stevens's Net Worth as of July 2024 is $100 Thousand

Quick Facts of Candy Stevens

Net Worth$100 Thousand
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 1 in
Date of Birth3 August, 1933

The subjects of this article perfectly depict the popular movie title Beauty and the Beast. Candy Stevens is the beauty who was in love and married the murderous beast who went by the name Charles Manson. Manson was the leader of a cult in the 1960s who was responsible for the murder of a number of Hollywood personalities. His crimes were so heinous that he was and is described as a monster.

Manson’s criminal records dated back to 1955 and despite his morbid crimes, he was able to gain the attention of young women. Before his death, Charles Manson was married to two women and Candy was one of them. They got married in 1959, two years after he got divorced from his first wife, with whom he had a child.

The marriage between Charles and Candy, who was a prostitute, didn’t last long before the marriage was annulled in 1963. However, before the marriage ended, Candy bore him a son she called Charles Luther Manson. A few years after the divorce, Charles was arrested and sentenced to life in imprisonment for a number of murders. It is important to note that nothing was known about Candy until she got involved with the criminal. She was just another call girl who walked the street at night. What an unfortunate way to gain fame!

Candy Stevens – Biography

Candy Stevens was born Leona Rae Stevens on August 3, 1933, which is all there is to know about the personal life of the beauty who would later be known as the wife of one of America’s most gruesome killers. It is not known when she was born or who gave birth to her; it is also not known in what city she was born or where she grew up.

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In addition, there are no records of any form of education for Candy. Nobody has turned up to identify himself or herself as her sibling. However, it is certain that Candy was a prostitute who was well known to sell her body for money. And even though prostitution is prohibited and regarded as illegal, obscene, and immoral in most countries, it is, however, a legal trade in a few. In the case of Candy Stevens, even though it is not known where she began the trade, she was known to be doing so in the US.

Most often, ladies or girls who turn out to be prostitutes have very little or no other choice. They are often from broken, separated, divorced, or poor homes, and extremely adverse circumstances in which they find themselves push them to the cold streets in search of survival. These ladies most often have no control over the tides of life that toss them in that direction. This may have been the case with Candy Stevens.

Candy Stevens gained popularity when she began associating with Charles Manson, a notorious criminal. Charles had been in and out of prison before he met Candy and amazingly, Candy fell helplessly in love with Charles. At the time the duo began their love affair, Charles was convicted of a crime and was about to face 10 years imprisonment for his crimes. He was accused of trying to cash a United States Treasury check; he was found guilty sentenced when Candy intervened and pleaded with the court. Her plea was that they were in love and therefore, he should be released. This plea may have held sway in 1959 but I bet it wouldn’t now. The court listened to her plea and her man was released the same year, the couple consummated their union by getting married.

Unlike in the original beauty and beast story, Charles didn’t turn into a prince, rather he became worse. Their marriage as expected failed and was annulled in 1963, the same year she had their son, Charles Luther Mason. Shortly after, he began perpetrating his murderous crimes under his family cult which led to a life sentence. For Candy Stevens, she has moved on, however, no one knows where she is. Since the divorce, she has kept her distance from her ex-husband, living her life with her son, Luther.

Facts About Charles Manson’s Wife


Asides from Charles Manson, there are no records of any other love affair that Candy has been engaged in. Charles was born in Cincinnati in 1934. He became a criminal at quite a young age and by 1955, he was already committing crimes that got him into confinement. His criminal lifestyle didn’t deter the women from flocking to him. He was first married to a teenage hospital waitress, known as Rosalie Jean Wills. Rosalie and Charles got married in 1955 in West Virginia while he was in prison. After he served his sentence, he moved to California with his new bride, and there, she gave him a son, Charles Manson Jr. but as with all his marriages, this didn’t last either; he got divorced from her in 1958.


Charles Manson died in 2017 from natural causes. However, before then he was engaged to an American brunette by the name of Afton Burton. She was 26 years old when she got engaged to marry Charles Manson who was in prison at the time. The marriage (which would have been Charles’ third) didn’t see the light of the day due to Charles’ ill health which would later lead to his death.

Dead or Alive

It is not certain if the one-time prostitute and wife of the late criminal Charles Manson, Candy Stevens, is dead or alive as there is nothing heard about her shortly after her divorce from Manson. Some sources say she is dead while others say she lives far away from all the negativity associated with her former husband.

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