Casey Lee Williams Bio – Facts You Need To Know About The Pop Singer

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Casey Lee Williams is an American pop singer and songwriter who has been the primary vocalist on the soundtrack for RWBY (season 8 -10), an anime-influenced web series created by Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions.

Williams was also a major performer as one of the characters from RWBY at RTX; an annual internet convention and gaming held in Austin, Texas.

Casey Lee Williams’ Biography

Born on November 25, 1998, Casey Lee Williams is the daughter of Jeff Williams and Sandy Lee Casey who are also musicians. She works alongside her father Jeff Williams who is a keyboardist and composer for Rooster Teeth and in RWBY; an anime-style web series and media franchise. Her father is also a vocalist and multi-talented instrumentalist.

Casey’s parents recently got divorced but still maintain a mutual relationship. She is very close to her father and occasionally performs on stage him.

The pop singer once tweeted that it becomes “amazing and memorable” every time she gets up the stage with her Dad. She is the only child of her parents


Most of the pop singer’s songs are composed by her father Jeff including This Will Be The Day; I Burn (Yellow Trailer); From Shadows (Black Trailer); Wings; Red Like Roses (Red Trailer); Mirror Mirror (White Trailer); I May Fall; Gold;…and several others.

Besides singing in the studio, Casey Lee Williams also performs live on stage and has done so a number times with her father and the crew. Some fans think she’s less confident during live performance than she is when recording in the studio.

Facts You Need To Know About The Pop Singer

Birth Sign: Sagittarius

Casey Lee Williams has a passion is for the Arts and desires to make her mark through art, photography, dance, and music.

She started singing at age six when her father Jeff encouraged her to perform in one of his soundtracks Bye Nikki Bye in The Strangerhood. Then at twelve years old, Jeff also asked her to sing for a demo he was writing for Red vs. Blue. Her performance was so good that her father decided to use her as the soprano opera singer and that’s how Casey ended up becoming the primary vocalist for the RWBY soundtracks.

Prior to her work on RWBY, Casey Lee Williams has performed songs for another animated web series called Red vs. Blue. The show was produced by Rooster Teeth Productions,

The song “Mirror, Mirror” which she personally composed has served as the theme music for a character on RWBY named Weiss Schnee.

She has recorded music for multiple Rooster Teeth series in collaboration with her parents, Sandy Lee Williams and Jeff Williams.

She has also recorded and performed music for the series RWBY, which features voice work from Lindsay Jones, which are rated 4-star reviews on Amazon

At RTX 2015, Casey Lee Williams cosplayed as Weiss Schnee for the live music concert, once again performing alongside her father, as well as Video Game Orchestra and the band, Barenaked Ladies. She again performed live during RTX 2016 at Austin City Limits Live with Jeff Williams’ Freelance Orchestra. She couldn’t perform in 2017 because she was in Europe at the time of the convention.

Casey’s mother Sandy Lee Casey is also a singer who performs solo on the acoustic guitar at various establishments and wineries across Temecula Valley Wine Country, South Carolina. Both mother and daughter have also collaborated on a number of songs.

The album My Home, released in 2018 in collaboration with Santi C is on Apple Music.

Prior to her work on RWBY, she has performed songs for another animated web series titled Red vs Blue; a show that was also produced by Rooster Teeth Productions.

At RTX 2014, Casey cosplayed as Ruby Rose and performed a short acoustic side by side with her father and other artists at the RWBY Music Panel.

She is also the vocalist for Weiss Schnee’s singing in the Tipping Point and White Trailer.

On a very personal note, Casey has shared something about her which most fans did not find on her social media page. In her ‘pride’ post for the month of June, precisely on June 30, 2018, the pop singer revealed she’s bisexual and truly takes pride in being herself. She said she’s a super open person and honesty is very important to her.

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