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If you have a friend who loves pulling crazy pranks on you, you should encourage him; who knows, he could become the next Chad Tepper. Tepper simply rose to fame by pulling some of the most nerve-wracking pranks you’ll ever see. He began a YouTube channel for this purpose in 2013 and a few years down the line, he has not only made a career out of YouTube but has also extended his tentacles to other fields of entertainment, appearing in films and TV shows.

He is one of the members of ‘s group, , a group of YouTubers who collaborate together to create contents targeted at the young generation. Tepper has benefitted hugely from the group, his popularity since he became a member in 2017 has only surged.

Chad Tepper Bio

Chad Tepper was born on the 7th day of May 1992 in Merritt Island, Florida, the United States. He was raised in the town alongside his brother Lonny Tepper. Tepper attended the town’s Merritt Island High School from where he’d come to graduate in 2010. Chad had a thing for skateboarding as a kid and as he grew up, his skills only improved. He took his love for skateboarding to a professional level, participating in as many events as he could.

A natural dare-devil, Tepper in 2013 decided to start a YouTube channel where he would post videos of himself performing crazy antics. He went really hardcore with his pranks, some of which include taping CO2 grenade to his groin and letting it explode, suctioning plungers to his nipples and having it ripped off by a moving car, and a bunch of other crazy stuff.

His craziness soon gained him attention as his YouTube page began to soar in viewership and subscription, he now has over a million subscribers. His fame extends to other social media platforms including Instagram where he has over 1.7 million followers.

As with most successful YouTubers, Chad Tepper has dabbled into acting. Some of his movie credits include; ‘s Actors Anonymous, Nowhereland, and Paved New World. He has appeared in TV shows such as Ink Master, Hollywood Cycle, and Girl, Get Your Mind Right. However, his most popular TV outing is Too Stupid to Die, a show masterminded by a daredevil like Tepper, Zach Holmes. The reality show which has been compared to Jackass follows Holmes and a group of prank lovers, Tepper inclusive, doing the most unthinkable things ever. It premiered on MTV in August 2018 and is going strong.

Family Life of The YouTube Star

Chad Tepper’s only known immediate family member is his brother Logan. The big-hearted man has attempted starting his own family, this happened in 2011 when he married his girlfriend Allison Tepper. The wedding date was on the 9th of July 2011 and was featured on MTV’s documentary TV show, Young and Married in 2012.

How could this be when Tepper was yet to gain fame? Well, Allison was a bit popular at the time. An aspiring model and actress from Melbourne, FL, Allison gained fame for her appearance on the MTV documentary, True Life, she had appeared on the MTV episode with Tepper.

The series showed Allison accompanying Tepper to an anarchist skate park known as, Skatopia. As they both shared the same passion of becoming professional entertainers, the duo decided to get married immediately after high school so they could support each other. Unfortunately, the couple would come to divorce by 2014 citing irreconcilable differences. Their short-lived marriage produced no child.

Chad Tepper later found love in the eyes of Sara Salinas whom he began dating shortly after his divorce in September 2014. True fans of Tepper would recognize Salinas from Tepper’s videos as she has starred in a handful of them. She was born on the 15th of August 1996. Salina has capitalized on her relationship with Tepper to begin her own career as a social media star.

Celebrity Facts About Chad Tepper

1. Chad Tepper is quite a tall dude, standing at a height of 6 feet 3 inches.

2. Tepper has been likened to the mastermind of Jackass. He regards this as flattery.

3. His most viewed YouTube video is I Leaked Jake Paul Phone Number! Prank Wars. It has received almost 2 million views. His channel has a total view of over 36 million as of this writing.

4. Tepper’s annual earnings fall between $3,500 and $57,000 while his net worth is said to be $150,000. We haven’t been able to authenticate any of these claims.

5. He is signed to Aint Hit Records and has released a handful of songs with accompanying videos posted to his YouTube channel.

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