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Terry Farrell is another member of the long list of models, such as and , to have transitioned to having an acting career after working as a model. Thanks to her decision to incorporate the two careers, fans of the Star Trek franchise got to enjoy her acting talents first hand in the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993-1998) where she played the role of Jadzia Dax.

The Cedar Rapids, Iowa native is also known for her portrayal of the character Regina Kostas in the comedy series Becker (1998-2002). Read on to find out more about her career and why she chose to step away from it.

Terry Farrell’s Biography (Age)

Terry Farrell was born Theresa Lee Farrell to Kay Carol Christine (née Bendickson) and Edwin Francis Farrell, Jr. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on the 19th of November, 1963. At a very young age, her parents divorced and her mother married David W. Grussendorf who adopted Farrell and her sibling.

As a high school student, Farrell went through a growth spurt that saw her measure almost 6 feet. This prompted everyone around her to encourage her to try out modeling since she also had the body to go along with the height. Farrell went ahead to take a couple of photos of herself which she submitted to the Elite modeling agency in New York City in hopes of getting signed to a contract. As things would pan out, the agency invited her to New York shortly after she turned 16 and within two days of her getting shopped around, she was signed to an exclusive deal with women’s magazine Mademoiselle.

Terry Farrell spent 18 months modeling for Mademoiselle as well as for the Italian, German and American versions of Vogue before deciding to add acting to her resume. She took acting classes and then went on to land her first major appearance in the television series Paper Dolls (1984) where she played the role of a model. After the show ended, Farrell appeared in different series and tv films before landing her first feature film role in Back to School (1986).

Not being satisfied with the kind of work she was getting, Farrell, in 1989, returned to study acting, this time, with renowned actress and acting teacher Stella Adler. The move looked to have paid off well as Farrell was a few years later offered the lead role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, her most notable role to date.

Why Did She Retire?

In 2002, after Terry Farrell married actor Brian Baker, she opted to retire from acting in order to concentrate on taking care of her family. She and Baker, who was best known as the Sprint Guy due to his recurring role as the spokesman for the telecommunications network in its television commercials, agreed to move away from Los Angeles, California to live in Hershey, Pennsylvania in order to get away from the things that might cause their marriage to fail, something she had witnessed first hand in Hollywood.

Farrell revealed in an interview that she came from a broken home and witnessed her mother marry and divorce multiple times, and did not want that for herself or the kids she planned to bring into the world. Farrell and Baker went on to enjoy a 13-year-long marriage during which they welcomed a son named Max before they divorced in December 2015.

Two years after her divorce, Farrell entered into a relationship with television director Adam Nimoy during which she came out of retirement to restart her career. On the 26th of March, 2018, the pair exchanged vows and became husband and wife.

Where is She Now?

Terry Farrell came back out of retirement following her divorce from her first husband to appear in the web-released fan film Star Trek: Renegades. She is further slated to take on the same role in more episodes of the fan film web series that would this time not include the Star Trek name for legal purposes and will only be known as the Renegades.

With so much time on her hands, Farrell can be seen attending Comic-Con and Star Trek conventions with her son Max who is also a fan of the show.



With a very impressive height of 6 feet 0 inches (1.82 m), it is no wonder that Terry Farrell was able to have a career as a model. She further weighed about 60 kg (133 lbs) and had body measurements of 37-25-37 inches for bust waist and hips.

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