Chandler Alexis – Bio, Family, Facts About The Blogger and YouTuber

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Chandler Alexis has a gift for interacting with her fans in ways many other YouTubers can only dream about. Since she launched her channel she has slowly grown a loyal following that is always keen to listen to her bare her soul and talk about anything and everything from her personal life, no matter how beautiful or painful the memories are.

Chandler has been on the platform since 2012. And in that time she has posted all sorts of videos such as pranks, challenges, reaction videos, singing videos, beauty, and fashion videos and a lot more. But the most popular segment of her channel is called ‘Storytime’. Here she frequently drops lessons from her life and experiences for her fans. Besides her YouTube venture, she is also trying to build a career as an actress.

Chandler Alexis’ Bio

The vlogger was born in Long Beach, California, on January 3, 1997. Chandler started showing an interest in sports and all things athletics as a child. Her childhood was filled with its own share of difficulties but involving herself in sports was a reprieve for her. As a kid, she was involved in sports like tennis and soccer. Much of her growing years, besides information she has spilled on her Youtube channel, remains a mystery.

Chandler Alexis first tried her hands at a career in YouTube in 2012. On the day of her fifteenth birthday, the California girl created her first YouTube channel. At the time, she went by the pseudonym “LushBarbiee” but has since reverted to using her real name ‘Chandler Alexis’. While she ran it, she teamed up with StyleHaul network, a multi-channel network, to help curate some of her videos and grow her fan base.

Since she started the channel, her following has gradually burgeoned to over 760,000 as of mid-2019. Her videos have garnered more than 29 million views collectively. She has a few videos on her channel that have hit and surpassed the 1 million views milestone. The YouTube star likes to make every video informative and actionable, even if she is talking about trends in fashion or doing makeup videos. She has also often shown her brutally honest side when doing reviews for the various products she has covered on her channel.

Her prank videos are unique and sometimes intentionally over the top – something that has gained her notoriety in among her fans. One of her most popular prank videos is titled ‘Let’s Have Sex’. She uploaded the video on June 19, 2016, of her trying to make her best friend believe she had always wanted to have sex with him. As of June 2019, the video has garnered almost 3 million views.

Some of her most popular challenge videos include ‘Guess Her Age’, ‘Makeup While Blindfolded’, and ‘What’s in the Box’. In the category of her most popular videos are Chandler Alexis’s Storytime Videos where she bares her soul to her viewers. In one of those videos, Chandler talks about how she was almost raped while she was in high school. The video came in two parts and has collected over 7.4 million views between them as of June 2019. It is her most watched video on the channel.

The YouTuber has received so much positive feedback for her vulnerability. Many of her fans have written to her, thanking her for her bravery to share and have also requested that she put together a face-to-face chat session where they get to tell her their stories as well. In the recent past, her videos have also touched on the themes of spirituality, meditation, and self-defense.

Alexis’ videos have also shown her love for music. She once posted a dubmash video of her lip-syncing to a song by Jasmine Villegas titled ‘Just A Friend’. For her reaction videos, she is particular about what kind of videos she reacts to. Chandler prefers to make reaction videos that involve unusual, funny, and weird video footages. Some of her most popular reaction videos include ‘Hurt Bae’, ‘My Boyfriend Cheated On Me’, and ‘Cheapest Mom Ever’.

Alexis also has another YouTube channel which she named ‘Chandler Alexis Vlogs’. The channel was launched on June 23, 2013, and has garnered over 220,000 subscribers and over 13 million total views as of June 2019.

Chandler also made her acting debut when she joined the cast of internet film Until Death. She followed that up in 2017 when she appeared in all 5 episodes of the short comedy series Flunky’s Upset. She played the character known as The Jess.

Chandler Alexis’ Family and Relationships

The YouTube star, for all she has revealed, has said almost nothing about her family. It is known, though, that she comes from a really large nuclear family unit. Chandler is one in a family of twelve children. However, the internet sensation has chosen to keep the identities of her family members a secret.

As for her romantic life, Chandler Alexis was rumored to have dated British emcee and social media star AJ Jacobs, who is part of the rap group known as AjxDeno. However, her most popular relationship was with YouTube personality Alexandria. The couple worked a lot together posting videos on Chandler’s channel prior to their break up.

On June 14, 2019, Alexis revealed via a video upload on her Chandler Alexis channel that she was pregnant. Her excitement and nervousness were apparent. She declined to reveal the father of her baby on the video, explaining that he does not do social media and so she had decided to shield him from the public.


Facts About the Blogger and YouTuber

  1. Chandler keeps her family’s identity a secret for the most part. However, she has featured one of her siblings, a sister, on a few of her prank videos.
  2. The Youtuber definitely knows how to protect herself. She has gotten advanced training in fighting styles like gymnastics and karate. She is also into contemporary dance forms.
  3. On the video where she announced her pregnancy, Chandler Alexis revealed that she had penned her first professional contract as a music artist.
  4. She is also a blogger and has written about a lot of issues including healthy diets, and trends in makeup and fashion. Alexis has also written about her troubled childhood on poems she published on her blog.
  5. After her breakup with Alexandria, Alexis uploaded a video titled ‘Caught Up’. On the video, she stated that her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her and that she was subjected to domestic violence at the hands of the Youtuber on a few occasions.
  6. The internet star uploaded a video on October 15, 2018, revealing that she had relocated to London. She previously lived in California and New York.

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