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Chesty Morgan is a former exotic dancer who was claimed by some to have the world’s largest natural breasts, such that defy science. She became famous in the 1970s and continued her career as a dancer until the early 1990s when she retired to a very quiet life.

Her story has always centered around her career as an exotic dancer, but deeper than that, she has been a story of many tragedies that made her believe love leads to death. There is also the story of strength and triumphs.

Chesty Morgan Biography

Chesty Morgan was born Liliana Wilczkowska on October 15, 1937, in Poland to a family that was well to do. When she was only 2, her parents lost their business to the German invasion of Poland in 1939. This forced her family to retire to a ghetto amidst the tension of a looming war.

One day, her mother stepped out to get a shoe for her niece but that was the last time Eva was ever seen as she was captured by the Nazis. The little Liliana would always leave some part of her food in case her mom ever returned home and hungry.

Before too long, Leon (her father) also fell to the Germans in an uprising when the Jews decided to fight back. Orphaned at that very early age, she spent many years in orphanages in Israel and later she went to study nursing.

By the time she was 20, she was a woman of no small beauty and low self-esteem. It was at that time that she met an American who later became her husband, Joseph Wilczkowska. A few days after they met, the two got married and were off to the United States where she thought her problems would be left behind her.

Wilczkowska was a good man who was also hardworking. He had butcher shops and even though Chesty Morgan wanted to work and make money for herself, he did not allow her.

A few years into their marriage and two kids later, tragedy struck again as her husband was killed in 1965 in a crime that was reported as “the icebox murders” by tabloids. Then 27, all she thought of doing was to end her own life but she had two kids to raise.

Finding it very hard to find a job in New York City where she lived, she was later introduced to strip dancing, going by the name of Zsa Zsa. And soon, she was invited all over the US and in other parts of the world including Italy where she featured in the film “Casanova” in 1976.

She later retired from dancing in 1991 after a performance in Houston on the night of the Persian Gulf War.

Her Family

Almost everything about the family life of Chesty Morgan tells of tragedy. She was a little girl when she lost both of her parents in the aforementioned tragic events. After she got married for the first time and thought she was going to see the better side of life, she lost her husband in another tragic event.

When her husband died, Morgan was left with two daughters, the first (Eva) was 4 years old while the second (Lila) was only 4 months.

In 1974, she gave marriage another shot by walking down the aisle with Dick Stello who was a National League baseball umpire. Five years later, the marriage ended in a divorce. However, the two still remained friends until yet another tragedy in 1987 when Stello lost his life in a car crash. Even before then, she suffered another major loss with the death of her daughter, Eva in 1984.


Facts About The Exotic Dancer

1. The first idea of becoming an exotic dancer was given to her by a suitor named Maury. She begged him to help her find a job and he took her to a nightclub where women stripped. He told her she was beautiful and so she could do that to get paid. She got angry and said she never wanted to see him again. But with no option, she later went and started it. Nonetheless, she insisted she was never going to bare anything below her waist.

2. When she first started, the name she chose was Zsa Zsa but the club owner changed it to Chesty Morgan which stuck.

3. She has appeared in some R-rated movies in the past including “Deadly Weapons” and “Double Agent 73″.

4. Chesty Morgan has been inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame in California.

5. She is a very beautiful woman who has nice blue eyes and a voluptuous body. She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

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