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Every genre has had those whose understanding, dedication and artistry have lifted the genre to a whole new level. It is the process of evolution that happens to everything and everyone eventually. This is a particularly great thing because music, like language, is needed and used by all and that is what Chris Tomlin has done for contemporary Christian music.

Genres might be different across beliefs and the entire globe but it still speaks to the same satisfaction and desire each person derives in music and as those desires change, it is important to have people who are willing to look at our language and grow it into what fits our present needs. Chris Tomlin has elevated the genre to a place where it stands equally with mainstream music as an art form, thereby expanding the global interest in the genre. He has given so much to the art and has achieved a lot too. Learn more about him by reading below.

Chris Tomlin’s Biography

Sometimes, whatever we grow up to become is down to the support and influence of those closest to us. For Chris Tomlin, his father’s guitar gift at a young age encouraged his passion for music and helped him write his first song at the age of fourteen. Today, he has become one of the dominant names in contemporary Christian music but it didn’t start today. It started years ago in Grand Saline, Texas where Chris Tomlin was born on May 4, 1972, to Donna and Connie Tomlin. Together with his two younger brothers, Ryan and Cory, Chris was raised a Christian by his parents in Grand Saline.

His father’s guitar gift ended up becoming a lightning rod for his talents as a songwriter. After familiarizing himself with the mechanics and workings of the guitar by listening to Willie Nelson records, he wrote his first worship song at fourteen and kept writing even after he graduated from Grand Saline High School in 1990 and joined Tyler Junior College and Texas A&M University to study physical therapy. While he was acquiring his degree, Tomlin became a worship leader for the Dawson McAllister Youth Conferences. His singing and writing abilities also made him a sought-after worship leader by various child camps across Texas.

After graduating college, Chris Tomlin formed a band. Although he is considered a solo artist, his act involves other musicians like Daniel Carson, Matt Gilder, Travis Nunn and Matthew Melton who all play different kinds of instruments as back up. Shortly after graduation, he released his first project, The Noise We Make in 2001. It was a national solo album and three songs from the album made the top 200 list of CCLI’s top 500 Worship songs. He released his second album in 2002, Not to Us.

Chris Tomlin has enjoyed considerable success since he became a professional artist. A Christian organization, the Christian Copyright Licensing International in 2007 listed top 25 worship songs and Tomlin had five songs the list. So far in his career, he has regularly had songs in some of the important lists in Christian music. He has also gone on several tours, including the famed Passion Conferences.

Artists usually release a Christmas album; the story is not different for Chris Tomlin. He released his Christmas album, Glory in the Highest: Christmas Songs of Worship in 2009 and the album peaked at number 9 of the Billboard 200 and number one for Holiday albums. He continues to release new songs and go on different tours till this day.

He is married to Lauren Bicken and the couple have two children – two daughters, Ashlyn Alexandra Tomlin, and Madison Amore Tomlin.

Net Worth

Chris Tomlin has released several albums and gone on multiple tours till date and his songs have regularly featured some of the top lists of Christian music. The success of his exemplary songwriting skills has helped him build a net worth of $2 million.

Five Facts About Chris Tomlin

1. He was taught to play the guitar by his father

We mentioned earlier that his father gave him his first guitar but what you didn’t know is that his father took it beyond just gifting the instrument, he also taught him how to use it.

2. He has sold over 7 million records

Chris Tomlin’s music has a large audience and a lot of people have been willing to part with their money for the soothing sound of his music. He is one of the highest selling contemporary Christian music acts.

3. His songs were performed more than 3 million times across the world in 2012

According to the Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI), Chris Tomlin’s songs, especially his worship songs has been sung in several churches across the globe. It is a claim that was backed up by Time Magazine that describes him as “the most often sung artist anywhere”.


4. He has multiple studio albums

Signed to Sixsteps (EMI) and Sparrow music labels, Chris Tomlin has released 15 albums with his most recent coming in 2018, titled Holy Roar. His first was in 1995, Inside Your Love.

5. He is Grammy beloved

Chris Tomlin’s music is loved at the Grammys and it has been duly rewarded with nine nominations. He has however only won once in 2012. Other awards include 32 nominations for the Dove Awards. He has gone home with 19 of them, and three Billboard Music Awards. He has won twice.

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