Eri Kitami Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

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The advent of the internet has provided a large platform for anyone from any race or creed to exhibit their talents, business, and passions almost with the guarantee of being heard or seen without bias. One of the ways this is been achieved is via the social media platform known as Instagram. This image and video sharing application has created a lot of social media stars simply by displaying their body through pictures and videos. People like Eri Kitami have tapped into the opportunity created by Instagram to become a star. She is a popular Instagram star and a successful model with a sizeable number of followers.

Much is not known about this model as she has not disclosed much about her past and present life to the media. However, our amazing team of researchers was able to gather some salient information about the model. Read to find 5 interesting facts about the Japanese Instagram celeb.

Eri Kitami’s Biography

Eri Kitami was born on November 16, 1987, in Japan. It is not known who her parents are or what occupations they had. It is also not known where she grew up and if she grew up with any siblings. Unsurprisingly, nothing is known of Eri’s formal education.

On Instagram, Eri Kitami gained fame as a fetish model. The word ‘fetish’ could be a little tricky especially for someone who is not familiar with such type of modeling. To be a fetish model is to dress in provocative and erotic wears or appearances for an audience. It has been traced to the 18th century but became increasingly popular in 1960. Thus, Eri dresses in fetish and latex costumes to pose for pictures. Basically, she is an adult model and her content are rated 18 and above. The Japanese model has continued to spread her wings in her career as she has joined one of the biggest p*rnographic sites, Porn hub, where she creates adult contents.

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Eri Kitami

She is a star on Nintendo

Nintendo is a Japanese video game company which has its headquarters in the Japan city of Kyoto. Eri is one of the stars in this Japanese video game particularly in Nintendo Switch game Shin Den Ai: Nani ga Hoshii no?


Eri Kitami leads a secretive life when it involves her personal information. She has not discussed anything or divulged any information about her family, parents, siblings or relatives on any social media platform. This might be because of the nature of her job. We will be sure to bring you more updates should there be any with regards to her family members.

Is Eri Kitami Married or Dating?

At the moment, there is no news about the relationship life of Eri Kitami – as is the case with most areas of the Instagram star’s life. As far as we know, Kitami could be either heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual as her sexuality is also not certain. The model has kept her Instagram page strictly for business purposes and has divulged no personal information as regards to her romantic relationships on the platform.

Career as a model

A lot of people have tried to take up a career in modeling but failed due to various reasons. But that is not the case with Eri Kitami who started modeling as a 16-year old and has continued to grow in popularity. She has, for over 8 years, continued to keep her fans interested in her type of modeling.

Eri’s facet of modeling is an interesting one dubbed fetish modeling. This kind of modeling is one that involves dressing up in a seductive manner for the viewing pleasure of an audience. Some fetish fashion items include: stiletto heel shoes and boots (most notably the ballet boot), hobble skirts, corsets, collars, full-body latex catsuits, stockings, miniskirt, crotchless underwear, etc.

She wears mostly latex fetish wears in her photoshoots and has gained thousands of followers on Instagram with her posts. It is not known if she models for any company or brand.


What is Eri Kitami’s Net Worth?

Eri Kitami derives a majority, if not all of her income from being a social media model, and Nintendo star among others. These sources of income are expected to earn her a reasonable amount of money – even though this is not known for certain just ow much she earns.

Instagram stars or celebrities earn by having a lot of followers and high engagement rates. Eri who still has a growing Instagram account with over 100,000 followers is not a top Instagram earner. Currently, her daily, weekly or monthly salary is not known. Also, her estimated net worth is still under review.

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