Chyna Thomas – Bio, Facts About Isaiah Thomas’ Sister, How Did She Die?

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The 15th day of April 2017 will forever remain a day will always remember for the rest of his life. On that fateful day, the “little big man” as he is popularly called, was pulled aside and informed about the death of his sister Chyna Thomas while fielding questions from the press that morning. She died in a single road accident while driving home in her native Seattle, Washington neighborhood.

Prior to this time, a lot of people were oblivious of who Chyna was, but as a result of her death and her blood relationship with the NBA star, words about her went around quickly as condolences began pouring in. Find out more about who the late Chyna Thomas was while she lived.

Chyna Thomas’s Bio

On the 2nd day of May 1991, Chyna LaNita Marie Thomas (Chyna Thomas) was born in Federal Way, Washington where she was also raised alongside her brother, Isaiah Thomas. While Chyna and Thomas shared the same father – James Thomas, they had separate mothers. Isaiah was born by Tina Baldtrip and after she separated with the basketballer’s father. James had a second wife LaNita Thomas who gave birth to the now late Chyna.

She attended the only arts high school in the city of Tacoma – Tacoma School of the Arts, in Tacoma, Washington. Her Facebook profile revealed that she worked at FedEx as a package handler and lived in Seattle which is less than an hour drive from Tacoma.

Chyna Thomas was described as a very lively person and fun to be with while she lived. As she was growing up with her brother, their father inculcated the habit of seeing a reason to help people in need whenever they can. They often accompanied him to work in a gospel mission in Tacoma on Saturday mornings. The duo of Isaiah and Chyna did this from middle school through high school. At such times, they rise from their beds as early as 6 a.m in the morning to go to the mission center where they served food or did just about anything else that needed to be done at the mission.

How Did Chyna Thomas Die?

On the 15th day of April 2017, while driving her 1998 Toyota Camry along I-5 in Washington, as Chyna Thomas approached the Federal Way, her car which all the while seemed to be driving normal began drifting 50 feet before a barrier and metal pole ahead of it. She first hit a Jersey barrier and this vaulted her vehicle into a metal sign post and ultimately brought her car and life to a stop. Reports had it that Chyna was not wearing her seatbelt at the time of the crash (5 a.m) and probably fell asleep while driving. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

At the time of her painful passing, Chyna LaNita Marie Thomas was 22 years old. Her family members and friends celebrated her short but impactful life at the Life Center Church in Tacoma. They were all emotionally distraught at this time especially the NBA star, Isaiah Thomas. However, they have all accepted the fate that befell their beloved Chyna and moved on with life. Though she is missed, her family will forever cherish the fun moments they had with her while she lived.

Facts About Isaiah Thomas’ Sister

  • Chyna Thomas was born under the Taurus zodiac sign. Some of the attributes of people born under this sun sign are being generous, dependable, patient, persistent and independent.
  • Though a lot of people might not have known her while she lived, in her death, millions of people all over America got to know of her tragic passing.
  • Media outlets like SLAM Magazine, New York Daily and ABC all covered the story of her tragic loss.
  • There is no record of Chyna Thomas’ boyfriend while she lived. Perhaps she was not in a relationship at the time or perhaps she was.
  • Details of her height and weight are not available and maybe will never be, but her brother is Isaiah Thomas is one of a kind in the NBA. The baller stands at a height of 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) with some saying he is even shorter than his official height. This notwithstanding, he is good in his position as a in the NBA.

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