Has Disney Started Work On National Treasure 3? Here Is What We Know

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Despite getting mixed reviews from critics upon its release on November 19, 2004, the first part of the historical Disney adventure National Treasure found great acceptance among numerous movie fans. Thus, when it grossed an unexpected $347.5 million worldwide, asides the $173 million domestic gross, it did not only become a box office success but sparked a mounting hunger for a sequel. This eventually became a reality as National Treasure: Book Of Secrets was born. Since National Treasure 2 became a bigger success, the movie franchise has been able to build for itself a dedicated following. Words about a third film started almost as soon as the second film was out, but years following this talk, there have just been speculations and rumors with no straight answer on whether or not National Treasure 3 is ever going to happen. Here is what we know.

What is National Treasure All About

National Treasure is Disney’s historical adventure movie about a historian and cryptologist and the theft of a relevant historical and nation-owned document; The Declaration Of Independence.

The document isn’t the object of interest but the information in it; a coded map which, when deciphered, leads to unearthing the greatest treasure in history.

plays Benjamin Gates the historian who has to stop the historical document from being stolen, by stealing it himself. Together with his assistant Riley, played by and Dr. Chase of the National Archives, played by Diane Kruger, the trio embark on the action and pacy adventure to clear Ben’s name, save their lives and save the national document and treasure in the process.

The movie was a cinema success upon its first release despite not making a hugely profound impact on critics and one or two movie freaks. It went on to churn out a sequel on December 21, 2007, to even more box office success with director Jon Turteltaub confirming that a third film was on its way.

The movie won a BMI Film & TV Award in 2005, garnering other nominations that same year. It boasts a stellar cast of Nicholas Cage, , , , Diane Kruger among others.

Has Disney Started Filming National Treasure 3?

Bob Iger, Disney CEO and chairman, at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the company, explained to shareholders that a lot of people were interested in seeing a National Treasure 3 come to fruition.

Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of both films in the franchise and director Jon Turteltaub also affirmed this, with Bruckheimer discussing it with Iger. However, the actualization of the third installment in the film series has been quite slow for a number of reasons. Cast member, Nicholas Cage had previously said that putting together the script was a challenge due to the complicated nature of the movie where a lot of research had to be carried out for the sake of accuracy.

Another possible reason for the delay was that Disney, having acquired other movie franchises from Marvel and Lucas Film, has their plate full. This means that timing at the moment wasn’t right for National Treasure 3 to take off.

Also, there was also the ‘worry’ of how well another sequel would perform at the box office considering the poor outings of recent franchises like The Mummy starring and Baywatch featuring .

Despite these factors hindering the production of National Treasure 3, the company, producers, and cast members have assured fans that they are working on a third installment, trying to put together a befitting script that isn’t only factually accurate but entertaining as well.

It may then be safe to assume that a National Treasure 3 could actually happen. After all, loyal fans deserve to know what’s on Page 47 of the President’s Book of Secrets!

National Treasure 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on the release date just yet, but considering that putting together the script for the movie itself is posing quite a challenge for the team, fans may just have to hold on a little longer.

Two facts we know about National Treasure 3 are that the first script for the movie was nearly complete but Disney turned it down for not being ‘good enough’. Also, Nicholas Cage looks poised to reprise his role.

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