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Cindi Knight is an American actress and model who is best known for her marriage to the popular American actor, Andy Griffith. She could have gone on in her career to become more popular and mega-successful, but immediately she and Andy got married, she rather chose to let her husband have the spotlight while she took care of him and the family.

She helped her husband through very challenging and tough times, particularly when his health began deteriorating rapidly. Many would have left their significant other at that trying moment, but Cindi stayed and stood by her partner and won his love and admiration his entire life.

Who is Cindi Knight and How Old is She?

Cindi Knight was born to Muriel and Bobby Knight on the 2nd of May, 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida. She was born at a time and in an era that is quite different from our reality, as such, her birth could only be celebrated by close family members and friends as there were no social media platforms to announce her birth to the world.

Growing up in the era that she did, the actress and model prefer not to share information about her personal life with the public. As a result, information about what her parents did for a living, the type of home she grew up in, her siblings – if she has any – her early educational path through high school and college, and the likes are not available to the public and media.

At some point in her adult life, Cindi decided she was going to become an actress. However, it is not clear what institution she learned her acting craft from, as she has never disclosed such information to the public.

In 1982, Cindi Knight had a small role in an episode of ABC’s crime drama show called Matt Houston – which had Lee Horsley starring in the lead role. In 1983, she also appeared in the movie Murder In Coweta Country which was based on an actual event that took place in 1948 and had a book written about it in 1976. The movie had star actors such as Johnny Cash and Andy Griffith featuring in its ranks.

Family Life Of The Actress, Singer & Model

While on the set of the movie Murder in Coweta County, she met one of the lead actors on set, Andy Griffith, and a romantic relationship developed between them from then on. The relationship quickly turned into an engagement, and eventually culminated in marriage between Cindi and Andy in just a couple of months. The two got married on the 12th of April, 1983, and remained married for 29 years, before an unfortunate incident put an end to the blissful marriage. Andy was already 57 years old when they got married, while Cindi was 29 years old.

Andy Griffith and Cindi Knight were always together during their married life. They would also sometimes take a trip around Roanoke Island in their boat, just to enjoy a romantic getaway.

Sadly, Andy suffered a lot of medical issues while married to Cindi, and he eventually died on the 3rd of July, 2012 from a heart attack in their family home, with Cindi at his side.

Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

Cindi is reported to have been of average height and weight in her younger years, but recently, her body has gone through a few changes due to her advancing age. Her exact height and weight have not been made available to the public. For her physical features, Cindi has blonde hair and green eyes.


Facts To Know About Cindi Knight

1. Cindi Knight was the third and last wife of Andy Griffith. Andy had been married and gotten divorced twice, before eventually getting married to Cindi.

2. She never had any children for Andy Griffith; it is unclear if this was by choice or as a fall out of the health challenges that Andy suffered almost throughout his lifetime. Andy had adopted two children earlier in his first marriage though, a son – Andy Griffith Jr. and daughter, Dixie Griffith.

3. Andy was buried in their family home, just a few hours after he died of a heart attack. The decision to do so and  Cindi’s approval of it got a few tongues wagging.

4. Cindi Knight’s net worth is reportedly between $1 million to $5 million; while her husband, Andy, had a net worth of $60 million before he passed away.

5. Sometime in the course of Cindi and Andy’s marriage, he presented her with an antique car – one of their most prized possessions – as a birthday gift. It was a 1945 Thunderbird – a two-door convertible made by Ford Motors.

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