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Being a fitness model can be a potentially lucrative and rewarding career like acting and singing. Cindy Landolt has proven that fact with her dashing physique and active lifestyle that keeps her admirers glued to her.

Better known as the Swiss Superwoman, Cindy has gone a long way to make a breakthrough as an online fitness sensation. She is not only admired for her eye-popping abs and figure but also for how her passion inspires thousands of her fans to push to realise their personal goals. Do you want to be a fitness model? The idol to look up to is our very own supermodel, Cindy Landolt.


 Cindy Landolt’s Biography, Age

Cindy was born in a small town in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, on January 11, 1985. The young fitness model grew up having a strong passion for outdoor sporting activities such as swimming, snowboarding, hiking and skiing, thanks to her outdoor sports loving parents, particularly her father who was a renowned long-distance Swiss Master Cyclist.

In some cases, she would even run around mountain scenery with her parents. She joined a gymnastics team at a tender age of five where she became skilled in various categories of the sport.

As the years went by, she began to develop a strong passion for weightlifting and other fitness techniques and by age 16, she had already become taller and more muscular than her competitors even as she became acquainted with the sport.

To further build on her physique and be qualified in the field, Cindy enrolled at the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sport (SAFS’) and after three years of intense training at the college, she graduated with a diploma; giving her the rare opportunity to train interested individuals as a professional fitness instructor. She founded her personal training company in Zurich Switzerland where she trained clients who have a strong motivation to improve their bodies.

Cindy did not only fulfil her dream of developing her own figure, she was also able to gain mass followership on social media and was loved by those who consider her as their personal fitness coach.

Today, with more than 15 years experience as a professional fitness coach, Cindy Landolt has been able to touch the lives of many across the world, including some well-known celebrities who are passionate about keeping fit. Her training website,, is one of the platforms where she reaches out to thousands of her subscribers.

Aside from training, the self-motivated fitness model also entertains her viewers with some of her seductive pictures. Her gym, Centurion Club, remains one of Europe’s most elite fitness studio.

Before and After

 Looking at Cindy’s current appearance, one would wonder how she looked before and how much energy and hard work it must have cost her to get this far. Truth is, Cindy’s passion for weightlifting moved her into discovering BodySpace which gave her the visual inspiration she needed to become a fitness model.

Starting up in her career, Cindy Landolt concentrated more on developing her abs through shoulder presses, bench presses, squats, rows/chins and deadlifts. This also helped her to grow an overall muscle growth. A 175% body weight for 20 reps in the deadlift, and 150% body weight for 20 reps in the squats will give you a well-fitted body, she said. When asked how she was able to reach such good level of body development, Cindy simply gave credit to the weighted abs machine which she uses twice a week.

Her lifting statistics is: Squats: 120 kgs (264.5 lbs) for 20 reps / Trapbar-Deadlifts: 145kgs (320 lbs) for 20 reps / Dumbbell Shoulder press: 30kg (66 lbs)(in each Hand) for 8 reps / Bench press: 95 kgs (210 lbs) for 8 reps.

 Height, Feet, Body Measurement

Cindy has an amazing body figure. Added to her intimidating height, her shape and appearance can sweep anyone off their feet. Her legs and feet seem to be the most part of her body that attracts her fans. The beautiful model has the following body measurement:

Height: 5ft 10½in (1.79 m)

Body Measurements: 38DD-26-36

Weight: 172 lbs / 78 kgs

Body Build: Athletic

Feet size: 11


Quick Facts about Cindy Landolt

Birth Date:January 11, 1985
Birth Place:Wetzikon, at Zürich, Switzerland
Profession:Fitness Model, Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer, Model
Parents NamesNot Known
School Attended:Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sport (SAFS’)
Spouse:Not yet
Children: Not Yet
Height:5ft 10½inches
Weight:172 lbs / 78 kgs

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