Clare Siobhan – Biography, Facts About The British YouTuber

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Beyond being a professional gamer, Clare Siobhan is a social media personality who has built a brand for herself through YouTube where she regularly uploads videos of herself playing games and other related content. She is a skilled gamer with years of experience playing games like Mass Effect, The Sims 4, Call of Duty, and Pokemon. Her videos are refreshing and entertaining to watch because of the humor and charm she infuses into them.

Clare is also a trained marketing strategist expert and she has worked for many years in the gaming industry, helping several multinational companies improve their sales and consumer reach through various concentrated marketing efforts. She is a truly brilliant and talented woman who is using her knowledge of advertising and social media to make waves in the world.

Her professional resume is very robust and boasts of work experience with large organizations such as XBOX, Capcom, and Sony. Her work as a gamer has made her so popular that a special wiki page has been created by her fans to celebrate and discuss the Sims character she graduated. Clare’s character has been given official Sims status.

Clare Siobhan Biography

The famous YouTuber was born Clare Siobhan Callery on the 6th of August 1990, in London. Her mother is named Ann Callery, while her father’s name is unknown, but she was raised by both of her parents. She caught the gaming bug while in high school and would spend her time playing Pokemon even though most of her peers at the time did not care for it. She went a step further by sometimes dressing as a Pokemon trainer. Although she loved playing video games and wanted to share that part of her life with other people, Clare could never work up the confidence to do so. She created her YouTube channel a long time ago but didn’t do anything with it except spend time watching other gamers showcase their talent.

After she passed her GCSE in flying colors, Clare studied English, chemistry, biology, and arts for her A levels before going on to Leeds Metropolitan University where she initially set out to study medicine, only to end up switching to Public Relations and Image Management in her second year after she discovered she had a knack for marketing. While she was still in school, Clare worked part-time at a PR agency. Her dream of exploring the commercial side of the gaming industry was realized when she worked with an agency that helped put Sony Xperia Play phone in the market. She used her work experience to write a brilliant dissertation exploring how social media has affected the gaming industry. The quality of the work increased her popularity and created more opportunities for her.

Clare Siobhan left Sony to join Capcom before finally moving to Xbox where she works as a social media manager for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). Her rise to internet fame began in October 2014 when, at the prompting of her boyfriend, she uploaded her first vlog, a video of her playing the game, Alien Invasion titled MY SCREAM BROKE THE MICROPHONE. Since then, she has steadily attracted viewers by the millions to her channel and currently has over 1.5 million subscribers.

Facts To Know About Clare Siobhan

1. When Clare was younger, she battled with insomnia and crippling OCD that made her very afraid of going to school, but she overcame them with medication and therapy and has been able to do great things with her life.

2. She is a lover of animals, but her father didn’t allow her to have a pet of her own because he had a fur allergy. It turned out that he was only pretending and she now has two pet cats named Darcy and Oliver.

3. In 2014, she had to undergo laser surgery on her eyes to help her see better and she claims it was a horrifying experience because she could smell what was being burnt away and it made her imagine the worst things.

4. Clare Siobhan has been dating her fellow YouTuber Alastair Aiken since 2014. They met at a gaming event called Gamescom when she was working with the event organizers as part of her official responsibilities for Xbox. Their shared interests and love for gaming soon proved to be a great bond and it was Alastair that encouraged her to start her YouTube career.

5. She often features her boyfriend and her family members in her videos.

6. She runs Girls Play, an all-girl gaming channel, alongside other YouTubers like Laurenzside and Mariah Folkerts.

7. Clare is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 51.5 kg.

8. The marketing expert and Youtuber has a net worth of over $500,000.

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