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While many artists get to spend their lives singing songs without being able to build any followership, some have only but to release an EP or a couple and the fame is theirs. The second is the class of Daniel Caesar. He is a Canadian Grammy-nominated R&B singer who became famous after the release of his first two EPs.

Biography and Age

He was born Ashton Simmonds on April 5, 1995, in a very religious home, with parents who were members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Although there are conflicting reports on where he was born, the R&B star was actually birthed in Oshawa, Canada and was raised the eldest child of three other siblings.

Not only was he raised in a very religious home, Caesar’s family was also a musical one as his father, Norwill Simmonds is a Gospel singer. Beyond music, the family is generally artistic; his maternal grandfather was a fine artist. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense that Caesar began his musical journey since he was a child but at the time, he was singing as a choir member.

You will think growing up should be easy for him because he was raised in a very religious home, but that will be very far from the truth. He left the choir as he was growing up, and later got expelled from school for selling weed to another student.

Musical Career

In order to give priority to music, he decided to leave his home and move to Toronto where he began another journey that was adventurous and interesting. After moving to Toronto, he had no place to live and that forced him to pass the night sometimes on the streets and other times he stayed with friends. There were also times when he had no option but to pass his nights at the Trinity Bellwoods Park. He was forced to leave home because while he wanted to do music, his parents were not in support of that and all they wanted was for him to go to school.

With all that, he was still working hard on his music while working as a dishwasher to make endsmeet. He describes his genre of music as R&B-soul. He started out on his own without any record label because he didn’t want to give control of his musical life to someone else, and also because he had a vision of having his own label eventually which he later achieved.

Independently, Daniel Caesar was able to build for himself a massive followership with his first two EPs, Praise Break and Pilgrim’s Paradise. As a result of the successes he recorded with the works, there was already a market waiting for his album, Freudian which he released in 2017, 2 years after the release of the Pilgrim’s Paradise. 

His works have thus far have earned him a lot of accolades including two Grammy nominations for the Best R&B Album (Freudian) and Best R&B Performance (Get You) both in 2018. Other nominations are at the Juno Awards where he also won a couple of awards, as well as at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards.


Daniel Caesar’s Girlfriend

Through his music, what Caesar has painted is a picture of a very romantic individual and that is why many people have taken the opportunity to propose when he is on stage. Unfortunately, that he is not sure that he can ever get to settle down and get married in his life. All he wants is a good time.

That said, it is not known whether he has a girlfriend right now, as he has kept that part of him hidden.

Other Facts

  • His father was outplayed by a music label in his early days as a Christian singer. Because of that, Daniel Caesar is wary.
  • The singer has got himself a high-profile fan base that is made up of people like Stevie Wonder, , , and many more.
  • It is not strange to see fans proposing marriage at his concerts.
  • who is also a fan of the young star has given him some tips on how to improve his vocal.
  • His entire family is still very religious but Daniel Caesar doesn’t see himself as religious.
  • He has confessed to his insecurities in his album.

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