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She sings, acts and has appeared on several reality shows. Courtney Stodden has tasted the various faculties of the entertainment industry as an actress, model, reality show contestant, and a recording artist. Anyone who has heard of Stodden most definitely knows her as the 16-year-old who married a 51-year old actor. But there is so much more to know about her multi-talented personality. Before we delve into the much talked about events in her life, let us get to know more about Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden’s Biography, Age

She was born Courtney Alexis Stodden on August 29, 1994, in Tacoma Washington. She grew up in Ocean Shores Washington, with Alex John Stodden, her father, and Krista Kay Keller her mother. Growing up was never a challenge for Courtney who was given all she wanted by her buoyant parents. She was always inclined to the shiny and glamorous side of life and had a nice figure which surely encouraged her desire to go into showbiz.

Stodden started out as a model after she participated in the Miss Teen Washington beauty pageant in 2010. She had her mother as her manager although she is currently managed by Hutchison. Stodden rose to fame in the year 2012 when she appeared as a cast in the reality series Couples Therapy. The TV series showed different couples experiencing different challenges in their relationships and are often given a therapy by an expert to help them solve their problems. Courtney then took part in the British version of the Big Brother franchise, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and was evicted after 20 days. She made an appearance in the music video ‘Dont Worry Bout It’ by renowned artist, 50 Cent and eventually got signed with the entertainment company ‘Rich Kid Mafia’ based in Los Angeles.

Her Net Worth

The TV personality has her net worth estimated at $500 thousand by sources. She makes her money from her appearances on TV as well as her modeling stints. Many have wondered how Courtney Stodden maintains her flamboyant looks but the TV personality is simply making do with her income as well as the few endorsements that come her way.

Who Is Her Husband?

Courtney Stodden left the entire US in shock when word of her marriage to actor Doug Hutchison broke. She was 16, and the actor was 50 when they got married. The two got married in 2011 after Stodden participated in the Miss Teen Washington beauty pageant.

On how they met; it all started after Courtney signed up for an acting workshop organized by Doug. Stodden signed up through the internet platform and not physically. For this reason, Hutchison was unaware of her age. The two began dating over the internet for several months until they met face to face, but by then, they were already in love. The actor seeing as she was underage, sought the opinion of her parents to enable him to make a decision. But Krista, Courtney’s mother who was already aware of their story and the age gap, gave her consent, having watched the online relationship grow. She allowed her daughter to make her decision.


Courtney who was in love with Doug tied the knot with him in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011. Their marriage immediately sparked an uproar with massive criticisms over the couple’s age difference. The backlash grew worse as it was also discovered that Courtney’s father was four years younger than her husband. The couple became the topic of discussion on various media platforms creating more and more discomfort and distraction in their marriage. Their marriage soon grew sour from insults and criticisms. Doug was labeled many things including a pedophile among others.

Two years after their marriage it was reported that the couple was opting to separate. Stodden and Hutchison signed a legal separation document in November 2013. It was on amicable grounds as the two still remained friends. Per the legal document, the two would continue to live under the same roof though legally separated. But in 2014 it was reported that the couple had reconciled and were set to renew their wedding vows. It is not clear if they later did but they announced that they were expecting their first child together in 2016, raising more controversy in the media.

However a few months after the pregnancy reports, Stodden had a miscarriage. The couple still lives together although there are reports that Courtney filed for a divorce in March 2018.

Body Measurements – Height, Weight

Courtney Stodden has always had a nice body stature which suits her line of business. She stands at a height of 5ft 3in (160 cm) which is proportional to her weight of 48 kg. Stodden in 2013 had a breast augmentation which saw her breast size increase form size C to a size DD.

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