Cryaotic Bio, Wiki, Who is His Girlfriend? His Real Name and Face Revealed

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Cryaotic is a YouTube star who has remained a mystery for a very long time. He became famous for his gaming videos as well as his storytelling abilities. In addition to that, he has collaborated with a number of other social media stars on both YouTube and Twitch for different things. Even as he continues to remain mostly unknown, here are things to know about him.

Bio – Cryaotic’s Real Name and Face Revealed 

Cryaotic is a man of many sides who has thrived on being a mystery to many for a long time. Nonetheless, a lot about him has been revealed thanks to his social media handles and videos. Also known as ChaoticMonki or simply as Cry, he was born on June 11, 1989, in New York.

He was brought up with two other siblings in New York. While not much is known about his family, it has been pointed out that he had a hard time while growing up because his father walked out on the family when Cry and his siblings were still very young and as such, it was his mother who had to raise them all alone.

One of the things that have come to be very popular about him apart from his videos is that he so much loves his privacy, and as a result of that, information on how he was brought up as well as his educational qualification still remains very hidden from the public.

Although many people have been trying to have his name and face revealed, he has kept that jealously guarded for only those that are very close to him. Because of that, we may have to wait a little longer to know his real name and see his face.

YouTube Channel

As earlier revealed, Cryaotic became very popular through his YouTube channel. He began the channel in 2006 and by the second half of 2018, he had already gathered massive subscribers of close to 3 million. With over 2 thousand videos, he has amassed over half a billion views.

The success of his channel was due to his expertise in storytelling as well as his video games. The effectiveness of his storytelling is thanks to his rich humor. Also, he has done some collaborations with other YouTubers such as which has added some more followership to him.

Apart from YouTube, Cry has also got a rather overwhelming social media presence with a very strong fan base. While he is approaching half a million followers on Twitter, he has close to a million followers on Twitch and over 30 thousand likes on Facebook.

He also takes part in the Late Night with Cry and Russ which streams on Saturday nights. The streaming may be on gaming or any other thing of interest and it involves Cry and Russ Money. Others that were said to be a part of running the Late Night are Scott Jund, Red (Russ’s girlfriend), and Snake. Nevertheless, not all of them are still with the crew.


Who is His Girlfriend?

One thing that can be said with all certainty about Cry is that he is a strong supporter of gay marriage. In fact, he has the rainbow flag on his twitter handle and has always shared his support for them. In this regards, he thinks that if they allow what they believe to blind them.

Even as he is passionate about things like gay marriages, it is unknown whether he is bisexual, straight, or even gay, especially after he said in a tweet that he wants to get married in a gay biker bar.

Besides all of that though, Cryaotic has been said to be in a relationship. The name of his girlfriend is Cheyenne Avila and the two of them have been together since Cheyenne was 16 years old and he was 21, as such, she was considered a minor when they began dating.

Just like Cryaotic, Cheyenne who has described herself as a lesbian of some sort, is a huge fan of gay union and she talks about it a lot on her social media accounts especially on Twitter.

Even though she does not make many videos, Cheyenne got to start her own Twitch account where she also shared videos on a variety of things. She has also managed to have a fairly generous subscriber list that has a following of close to 20 thousand.

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