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Let’s start this with an advice for you: Just keep snap-chatting, don’t stop snap-chatting. Why? because it can make you an overnight star someday, just ask Daniel Lara. It’s quite easy, you don’t even need to have super comic abilities. A random video you make about some silly stuff could just, to your greatest surprise, appeal to many people out there who would share it multiple times and propel you to stardom.

You don’t believe it’s that easy, do you? Well, consider Daniel Lara’s Damn Daniel Video. It didn’t make sense why some video of a guy getting filmed strutting in his vans sneakers with his friend/cameraman repeatedly saying the phrases “Damn, Daniel” and “Back at it with the white vans” would go viral. Oh! but we live in a very different world today where anything is possible with social media.

Daniel Lara wasn’t even ready for stardom but yet he managed it so well, so you don’t even need to be prepared for it. However, he did credit his calmness with the whole fame thing to the fact that he was still a minor under his parents who helped him manage it all.

Lara got many benefits from his Damn Daniel stardom, from an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show to multiple ladies proposing marriage to him. Well, there’s a downside to this kind of stardom – IT MAY NOT LAST.

And not like Daniel was hoping his’ would last. He did quip to the Rolling Stone magazine that the success of the video was a fluke. Daniel is back to his normal life, but should he consider an entertainment career sometime in future, he should have it easier than a newbie. So, though Daniel Lara few days of fame might be over, it’s a good thing to have his biography out here on the net, you know, so you could have something to reminisce about anytime you think of that Damn Daniel video.

Daniel Lara Bio (Family Life and Other Background Info)

Daniel Lara was born on April 4, 2001, in Riverside, California. He was raised in Los Angeles by his parents. He has one sister whose photos alongside that of his mom, he occasionally posts on social media. Lara had what could be considered as the normal child upbringing. As he grew, he came to love what average teenagers in LA would love. He listens to a lot of rap music, his favourite rappers being the trio .

When it was time for his high school education, Lara chose Riverside Polytechnic High School where he would become part of the school’s swimming team. Before high school, he was already friends with Josh Holz (the cameraman for the Damn, Daniel video) whom he met through playing Minecraft on X-box in middle school.

After Lara became popular with Damn, Daniel, some media outlets began reporting that he had been posting comic videos on Vine and YouTube, however, Daniel debunked the information clarifying that he only posted to SnapChat and that the Damn, Daniel video which went viral on Twitter was a compilation of his SnapChat videos which his friends complimented him for being very funny.

Damn, Daniel became a viral meme almost instantly. In just a few days, it had amassed over 45 million views. That kind of fame shoots you quickly into the mainstream and Daniel was no exception. His Twitter followers skyrocketed to over 180,000 and over 620,000 on Instagram.

Daniel and his friend Holz soon scored an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where they got to reveal more about how they became famous. Following that TV appearance, the footwear company, Vans gifted him with a lifetime supply of the famous Vans sneakers. However, to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital in Southern California. Lara gave a total of 100 pairs of sneakers.

Lara and Holz’ mainstream appearance didn’t stop at an appearance on Ellen. Ellen brought them on as a substitute for her at the MTV Movie Awards’ red carpet where the duo interviewed the likes of and Seth Rogen. Additionally, Daniel Lara has been referenced by a bunch of celebrities including .

After the sensation died down, Daniel Lara pretty much went back to his normal life which included concentrating on graduating from high school. Lara isn’t quite sure what’s next for him, but the world eagerly awaits. He told RS that he would not mind modelling for some of his favourite brands, and why not? he’s got the looks, steps, and height.


Quick Facts About The Instagram Star

Name: Daniel Lara

Birthdate: April 4, 2001

Birthplace: Riverside, California

Star Sign: Aries

Known For: Damn, Daniel video

Popular on: Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat

Height: 6 feet

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