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Dascha Polanco has admitted she has many flaws but one thing she admires about herself is her ability to stand strong in the midst of heart-wrenching situations and not give up. If you have seen the movies Orange is the New Black and Perfect Match then chances are that you have already met our star. The question is how well do you know her? If you’re interested in getting informed about her, we got you covered. Keeping reading along the lines to find out more about this Hollywood star.

Dascha Polanco’s Bio

Dascha Polanco is Dominican-American actress born on the 3rd of December 1982 in Santo Domingo to her parents Ruben Dario Polanco and Janet Polanco. She has a brother and a sister and is the oldest of the three children of her parents. Her father is a mechanic while her mother works as a cosmetologist.

As a child, Polanco’s parents moved from the Dominican Republic to the United States in search of greener pastures when she was really young making her have dual citizenship. She was raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a young lady, Polanco attended the Hunter College which she graduated from with a degree in Psychology.


Growing up, Polanco aspired to be either of two things; a nurse or an actress. The latter was the first option but she was too scared to go into it because of her chubby physique. After graduation, Polanco got a job at Montefiore Medical Centre in the Bronx. She worked in the administrative unit of the hospital and decided to become a nurse. She further confirmed this decision by taking nursing classes. While studying, Polanco said she was inspired by her boyfriend to give acting a fair chance.

That was when she decided to enroll in the Break Into Hollywood (BIH) Studios in New York where she got contracted with a talent agency – Shirley Grant Management – and landed a few minor acting roles. Her acting breakthrough came in 2012 when she landed the role of Dayana ‘Daya’ Diaz in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black after several auditions. That was the lift she needed in her acting career as soon after, other roles began to pour in.

In 2013, she appeared in Gimme Shelter and then subsequently she landed roles in Cobbler (2014), Joy (2015), and Perfect Match (2016). Dascha Polanco is currently on the cast of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, starring as Detective Lori Wieder. She won an ALMA Award and in 2015, the Screen Actors Guild Award for Orange is the New Black.

Husband or Boyfriend

Dascha Polanco has cleverly kept all information about her personal life from public consumption. However, we know she is not married, and we also know she ended a six-year engagement to an unknown boyfriend. Rumor has it that she is currently engaged and the only thing we know about her mystery fiancé is that they met at the Dominican Day Parade and that he is a “good-hearted man.”


About her current relationship status, a few faces have appeared on her Instagram but she has not said anything about them. Polanco doesn’t think it is needful to get distracted over relationships at the moment as she is focused on building her career and seeing to the wellbeing of her two kids.

What’s Her Net Worth?

Although Dascha Polanco joined the big screen in 2011 as a newbie in Hollywood, she did not make so much from playing small roles. In 2012, after landing the big role in Orange Is the New Black, she has seen her net worth rise to around $2 million. Her endorsements include one with the National Football League (NFL) as she became the first Latino to be featured as an NFL apparel ambassador in 2015.

Quick Facts About Dascha Polanco

Dascha Polanco has never had it easy in life. At the age of 18, she got impregnated by her then boyfriend who ran away, denying his responsibilities and left her to care for herself alone. In the midst of struggling for survival, Polanco lost her mother, who was her only support at the time; she died at the age of 46, living Polanco with a baby and an unfinished education.

She suffered depression for years as a result of her mother’s death. Her situation grew worse and so she sought professional help.

Polanco has two kids. Her daughter, Dasany Kristal Gonsalez was born when she was just 18 years of age while her son, Aryam was born to her longtime fiancé. The engagement was broken in 2013 and they both went their separate ways.

Her best subjects in school aside from theatre and film were forensic psychology and organic chemistry.

Her biggest insecurity is her weight. Growing up as a child, she believed she would be rejected if she decided to go into acting in front of the camera because of her size. She admits even as an award-winning star that she still feels insecure. Reports have it that she spends most of her time working out in the gym in a bid to get in shape and stay fit.

Dascha Polanco has an apple body shape and her body statistics are as follows; Height – 5 ft 5 inches; Weight – 74kg.

Polanco says she has a great nose for perfumes and is obsessed with fragrances. She also loves to travel, to learn, and to see new places.

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