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David Vonderhaar is an engineer, software and game developer who is most popular for being part of the creation of games such as the Call of Duty franchise and the single-player video game X-Men. David began his career as a developer when he assisted in the creation of video games such as 007: Quantum Solace, Heavy Gear II, and Shanghai: Second Dynasty. The focused and resilient game developer has developed a lot of games for fun and pleasure of adults and children alike.

He has been working for the company, Treyarch, since graduating from college in 1997 and still works there currently. The company was later acquired in 2001 by Activision. David’s net worth has soared over the years especially with his development of the Call of Duty editions which include Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. He is currently estimated to be worth $12 million and this figure is expected to rise as the years go by. Get more information on his life achievements below. Keep reading!

David Vonderhaar’s Bio

David Vonderhaar was born in Arizona on September 8, 1972. The names of his parents are not known as he hasn’t spoken or written about them or what they do and that also goes for information regarding any siblings. Much is not known about his childhood only that he attended Loveland High School and furthered his studies at The Cincinnati College of Business. He is a graduate of the class of 1997 after which he started working with the company he is currently associated with.

David Vonderhaar is popularly known all around the world as a video game developer. He is ranked 6th globally and 2nd in the United States on the list of most popular game developers. He works for Treyarch as one of its key developers and is most popular for the creation of the multiplayer game Call of Duty and X-men. Prior to these developments, he was credited to have aided the development of other virtual games such as 007: Quantum Solace, Heavy Gear II, and Shanghai: Second Dynasty.

He developed the three editions of Call of Duty which include Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Call of Duty was earlier called Honorable Obligation. He is currently one of the top members of his company alongside John Rafacz, Dave Anthony and Mark Lamia. He is also regarded as the unofficial community manager of Treyarch. It is not known if he is working on something new but we will keep you posted on any updates.

How Much Is David Vonderhaar Worth?

David Vonderhaar is best known as a game designer and developer. A graduate of The Cincinnati College of Business, he has made his way to the top of virtual game development in America. He is ranked the second most popular game developer in the United States only second to Howard Warsaw. David is also ranked 6th in the world on the game designer’s table.

He is so popular that he has amassed over a million eager followers on the social media platform, Twitter. Currently, he is estimated to be earning a yearly income of $3 million and has amassed a net worth of $12 million as at 2019. These figures are expected to rise as he is still an integral part of the company that put him in the spotlight.

Other Facts About The Video Game Designer

Is David Vonderhaar Married?

The Studio Design Director has kept information about his relationship and marital status away from social media or the internet. There is also no news with such leads on any mainstream media. However, we hope for an update soon.

Height and Body Measurements

David Vonderhaar is quite secretive about his personal details but some of his personal data with regards to his body measurements have been uncovered. He is said to stand at a height of 5 feet 10 inches; information about his weight remains vague at the moment, so also are some of his body stats. He has grey hair and brown eyes.


Social Media Presence

Celebrities like David Vonderhaar have used social media for both fame and wealth. As a developer, his works are only made possible for use by the internet. He has also used the internet to stay close to his fans and followers. He is an active member of the social media community with both Instagram and Twitter accounts. On Instagram, he currently has about 163.5k followers and over one million on Twitter.

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