Debra Jo Rupp – Bio, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Is She Dead?

Debra Jo Rupp's Net Worth as of May 2023 is $5 Million

Quick Facts of Debra Jo Rupp

Net Worth$5 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 2 in
Date of Birth24 February, 1951

It is believed that a person cannot read their own obituary report since it is only published after the person is dead. But the famous actress Debra Jo Rupp who is best known for her role as Kitty Forman on the popular television show – That ’70s Show read her own obituary report on the 13th day of May 2018.

The fake celebrity death rumor has since been addressed by her representative who gave an official announcement refuting the news of the actress’ death as a hoax.

What is Debra Jo Rupp doing now?

Debra Jo Rupp is planning to return to her legendary role as Kitty Forman which she is going to play in the upcoming “That ’90s Show”. She will also work along with her husband Kurtwood Smith where her husband play the role of Red Forman.

Debra Jo Rupp Bio (Age)

The popular actress Debra Jo Rupp was born on the 24th day of February 1951 in Glendale, California to her father, John E. Rupp Jr and mother Margaret A. Williams Rupp.

Source: Wikipedia

She was brought up in Massachusetts with her two sisters Robin Lee Rupp and Rebecca Louise Rupp. Debra whose birth sign is Pisces is a Christian belonging to the Methodist denomination.

Her educational background can be traced to Masconomet Regional High School in Topsfield Massachusetts where she graduated in 1969.

She later proceeded to the University of Rochester, New York where she bagged a B.A degree in 1974. During her years at the university, she was an active member of a theater group where she polished her acting skills.

Her career started out with her performing as a stage actress. She later gained popularity with her role as Mae in the 1990 production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. In television series and films, she had a lot of memorable minor parts during the 1980s and 90s.

Debra was on several episodes of Seinfeld and on the hit comedy Friends. The then-budding actress soon became a star but, it was That ’70s Show which premiered in 1998 that gave her the boost that made her career what it is today.

Since then, she has had other prominent roles like her role in the 2007 comedy Kickin It Old Skool and currently, she is staring in the sitcom, Better with You.

Source: Looper

Was Debra Jo Rupp in Seinfeld?

Debra Jo Rupp has appeared in Seinfeld as manager of Jerry Seinfeld.

Debra Jo Rupp’s Husband and Family

Even though Debra Jo Rupp is popular and has worked in the entertainment industry for decades, virtually nothing is known about her love life. From all indications, she is single and, her sexual orientation cannot be ascertained.

Owing to the foregoing, the only people she can regard as part of her family are her two sisters Rebecca Louise Rupp and Robin Lee Rupp.

Source: Zimbio

Her dad died in 1990 and her mother in 2002. It is on record that Debra’s parents opposed her decision to go into the entertainment industry, but she defied them.

Is Debra Jo Rupp still alive or dead?

On the 13th of May 2018, news broke on social media that the popular actress had passed on. Within a few hours, the purported news of her death spread like a virus. But, On the 14th of May, the representatives of the actress made it clear that she is very much alive.

Debra Jo Rupp’s Net Worth

Although the details of the actress’ earnings and investment portfolios are not known to the public, it has widely been assumed that the veteran actress’ net worth is pegged at $5 million as of 2022.

While we cannot authenticate this figure as the value of her wealth, we can ascertain that she accumulated her riches through her acting career which has spanned from 1980 to date.

Is She Dead?

On the 13th of May 2018, news broke on social media that the popular actress had passed on. Within a few hours, the purported news of her death spread like a virus and caused a lot of concern among fans across the globe.

The news gained traction after a post captioned “R.I.P Debra Jo Rupp” appeared on Facebook and attracted almost a million responses from fans, especially those who read the entire content which gave a believable account of the actress’s death.

Source: WikiNBio

Thousands of fans started dropping condolence messages on social media expressing their regret that such a talented actress had passed on.

While some fans who were easily convinced believed the news of her demise, others who are more discerning became immediately skeptical (perhaps they have learned their lessons from previous fake death reports about celebrities in the past).

Some shrewd fans pointed out that no major American Network has carried the news which indicates that it was fake news because the death of the actress of Debra Jo Rupp would make headlines across the networks.

Well, as stated earlier, the news of Debra Jo Rupp’s death has been confirmed as a fake one, a total hoax! Thankfully, the renowned actress is alive and kicking.

On the 14th of May, the representatives of the actress made it clear that she is very much alive but has joined the long list of celebrities who have been victimized by fake death reports.

They advised fans to be cautious of the things they believe and circulate on the internet until they get tangible evidence of their veracity.

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