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Soccer or cheerleading was not what brought Demi Bagby to fame, rather it was the aftermath of a very terrible accident. Bagby has always been a sportsperson; she played soccer and involved herself in cheerleading as well. On a fateful day, she had a cheerleading accident and broke her back. This experience was a nightmare but also marked the beginning of a new dawn for her. Doctors told Demi she may never walk again after the accident. It was in this period of despair that she developed love and interest in CrossFit and Calisthenic athletes.

CrossFit and calisthenic athletes are sportsmen and women who partake in safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. Popular CrossFit athletes include Kristi Eramo and Frank Medrano, who happen to be Demi Bagby’s role models. While in recovery, she began fitness exercises which she fantasized about while she was paralyzed and couldn’t work. Despite the pain and hopelessness, she overcame the situation and is now known as a professional CrossFit athlete and bodybuilder who has become an inspiration to many.

Her inspiration stems from the challenges she faced while recovering and pushing herself to become the athlete of her dreams. With regards to her career, she has made impressive strides such as ranking 23rd worldwide in her age category as a CrossFit athlete. Experts say this pushed her to work harder and also propelled her career further. Let us take a closer look into the life of this sportswoman.

Demi Bagby’s Bio (Age)

Very little is known about the personal life of this amazing athlete. It is known that she was born on January 21, 2001, in San Diego where she was also raised. The identity of her parents is not known, however, Demi Bagby is sister to three siblings whose names are unknown as well.

From information gathered, she has always been a sports loving person. She played soccer and was a cheerleader while in high school. However, catastrophe struck in 2014, when she had a terrible accident while cheerleading – she fractured her back. Demi was taken in for surgery but the doctors told her she might never walk again which was a piece of devastating news for a young lady whose life was just about to begin.

She spent three months on a wheelchair, unable to work. It was during this period that her interest in CrossFitness sparked off. She, therefore, vowed to become a CrossFit athlete if she ever walked again. Defying doctors’ predictions, she walked again and this time with a spirit of an achiever. She worked her way into her career and became a recognized CrossFit athlete. Currently, she inspires millions with her story of recovery and determination. She uses her social media accounts as a platform to do so, hence she became an internet star with millions of followers.

Height, Weight, and Other Body Measurements

For Demi Bagby, her body is everything; it could be absolutely regarded as her brand. For a fitness athlete and someone who wanted to make an impact in CrossFitness, it was essential for Demi to build a lean body physique which she did.

She has a height of 5 feet and a weight of 115 lb (52 kg). Her breast, waist, and hips measure 31, 24, and 35 inches respectively. According to experts, this is a very good body structure for an athlete that specializes in her field of expertise.

Facts To Know About Demi Bagby

Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Love and relationships are one of the most discussed issues everywhere in the world. This is probably because of its inevitability in every society and its necessity as well. It is also an area in the lives of celebrities that fans are always interested in. Sadly, this aspect of Demi Bagby’s life has also been kept a secret.

Demi has not revealed anything about her relationship status and from all indications, she is still very single. There are no records of her ever being romantically involved with anybody. We sincerely hope she finds love and shares this with her teeming fans.

Her Family

Some celebrities love to keep their family out of the spotlight. Often times, it is an effort to shield them from the prying eyes of the public. The only information available about Demi’s family is that they have been residing in San Diego since Demi was born. Also, Demi has three siblings – two older brothers and one older sister.

The names of her parents are not known, neither is anything known about their occupations. She also has not revealed the identity of her siblings.


Demi Bagby’s Net Worth

It is needless to say that sportspersons are one of the highest paid people in the world. Demi Bagby is an established athlete recognized worldwide. She has accomplished a lot as a CrossFit expert and it is only natural for one to expect that she earns as big as her accomplishments. With an annual earning of $200,000, her net worth has been estimated at $750,000.

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