Dermot Kennedy – Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Facts About The Singer

Dermot Kennedy's Net Worth as of July 2024 is $5 Million

Quick Facts of Dermot Kennedy

Net Worth$5 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 8 in
Date of Birth13 December, 1991

Dermot Kennedy is living proof that you can come late to a party and have fun better than everyone else who was there before you. He is a musician who is pretty new to the scene but has achieved feats that older musicians are still struggling to comprehend.

The young chap has just one album to his name, but his countless EPs and singles announced his genius and had him selling out shows and concerts to the amazement of many.

The singer is a talented songwriter best known for the single “Power Over Me” which turned out to be his ultimate ticket to superstardom. Here are all the details about the age and family life of the popular singer.

Dermot Kennedy Biography (Age)

Born on the 13th day of the month of December in 1991, he was christened Dermot Joseph Kennedy by parents whose names are not known, but who have proven to be his number one fans.

Source: The Guardian

He was bred in the little town of Rathcoole where he was born, a little distance from Dublin, Ireland. From his younger years, Dermot’s first love was sports and he played soccer as well as supported local clubs.

As he advanced into his teenage years, Dermot Kennedy’s passion for sports dimmed when he discovered his passion for music. He started learning to play the guitar at age 10 and by 14, he had gone as far as penning down his own songs.

In support of his passion, his mother personally found him a spot to study classical music at the university and for three years, he worked on his skills.

While he learned what he could in school, Kennedy’s father often volunteered to take him to the city of Dublin where he performed at Open Mics, practicing what he had learned in school and sharpening his skills.

The record of his professional career began from the years he spent busking in Dublin and Boston while growing a massive throng of fans who were often eager to follow him around.

He also took part in a number of local talent competitions until he won The South County Song Contest which is famous as a take-off point for a good number of new talents in music.

The win launched him onto the path of real fame and soon opportunities came calling. Spotify Discover Weekly recognized his win with a resounding increase in the number of streams for his works.

Source: RTE

Having no management at the time, Kennedy went to Spotify himself and they did a mini-campaign on his song After Rain and that became the actual turning point for the young artist who until then, had been searching for a record deal.

Soon, his songs on the streaming platform were raking in as much as four million streams a month. Using the proceeds of his fame on Spotify, he financed shows in New York and Los Angeles which sold out and made a hot demand for record labels who soon came calling.

While Dermot Kennedy published his works on Spotify in 2016, he did the same also for the works of his band at the time, Shadows and Dust, a band he formed along with a few of his school friends.

Two years later in 2018, the singer had no album but was racking up good reviews from all angles and was selling out shows. Currently, the singer has one self-titled album which he released in 2019, two EPs, and many singles.

Dermot Kennedy’s Family

Dermot Kennedy comes from a not-so-large family. He has not revealed the names of his parents, but he acknowledges how much they supported his dream of becoming a great musician.

While growing up, his parents had a huge piano on which he practiced and learned how to play. Also in the line of music is his sister Claire who is an excellent Pianist but still went on to become a doctor.

The singer’s aunt is the renowned RTÉ broadcaster Mary Kennedy who is every bit as interested in his music career as his parents are.

Dermot Kennedy’s song “Better Days”

The song named “Better Days” was about believing in something which is bright and never losing the better days no matter how hard it is. In an era where many people are worried, he loved to sing a song for every person which will improve their things.

Source: YouTube

Dermot Kennedy’s Musical Tour 2022

A famous singer Dermot’s musical tour is starting from 15th May in Australia. Ticket booking has already started. His first show is on the 15th of May in Brisbane, 2nd is on the 18th of May in Melbourne, and the 21st of May in Sydney.

What is Dermot Kennedy’s Net Worth?

A famous singer Dermot Kennedy has a net worth of around $5 million as of the year 2022.

Facts About The Singer

1. Body Stats

Dermot Kennedy has been described as having the body of a real sportsman. He is tall, had broad shoulders, and could pass for a rugby player. His height is 5feet 8 inches and his weight is 58 kg. This is not surprising if you consider the fact that long before he took to music, he was well into sports.

Source: Pinterest

2. Influence

Dermot has had the opportunity of working with many artists like Glen Hansard, Mike Dean, and others, but he adores everything about Justin Vernon and says it would be a dream come true to work with his band Bon Iver.

For his folk style of music, the singer said he was influenced by the likes of David Gray, Ray LaMontagne, and of course Hansard.

3. Audience

Spotify took Dermot Kennedy off the streets and gave him an audience that any upcoming artist would be proud of. His audience reached new levels in 2018 when the massively popular handpicked and added him to a Spotify playlist.

This was a huge boost for the young singer and it ensured that his single, “Boston”, was often in the first five results on the streaming platform.

Dermot Kennedy’s Instagram

A famous singer Dermot Kennedy is very much active on Instagram as his Official Instagram account has over 792 k followers.

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