Dianne Holechek – Biography and Facts About Chuck Norris’ Ex-Wife

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Dianne Holechek is a veteran of the entertainment industry who might not be so popular amongst the younger generation. She is a former actress and was a model during her prime. She rose to prominence alongside her then-husband (). Chuck is an actor, film producer, screenwriter, and martial artist. Dianne and Chuck were high school sweethearts. They were married for over 30 years before their divorce.

Dianne Holechek – Biography

Dianne Kay Holechek was born on the 27th of November 1941. She grew up in Los Angeles, California and attended high school in Torrance, California where she met Chuck whom she later married. She was privileged to be raised by loving parents although she has kept details about them away from the public.

Chuck proposed to Dianne in a letter after enlisting with the US Air Force. Fresh from his graduation from the US Navy, the duo finally got married on the 29th of December 1958 in a private but traditional ceremony surrounded by their loved ones and family. They had a four-day long honeymoon in Big Bear, California.

Despite her choice of career, Dianne Holechek was not the type to clamour for the attention of the media. She married Chuck when they were both very young (at ages 17 and 18 respectively) and was hoping to build a strong and loving family with him. Alas, Dianne got thrust into the limelight as Chuck’s career began to blossom.

Marriage to Chuck Norris

After their eventful wedding ceremony, life soon returned to normal with the couple welcoming their first son Michael Roy Norris on the 4th of October 1962. They welcomed their second son Eric Scott Norris on the 20th of May 1964. Things began to turn sour in their marriage especially as Chuck got famous and successful in his career. While nothing was confirmed by the couple, the speculations in the media were that Chuck got carried away by the fame, lifestyle and money and his family became less important to him.

Another major problem was the constant rumours of extramarital affairs. Despite all this, Dianna Holechek stayed in the marriage for over 30 years before finally getting divorced in 1989. Dianna could have left Chuck a long time ago especially after the series of rumours and proofs about his unfaithfulness in their marriage.

Facts about Chuck Norris’ Ex-Wife

1. Supportive Spouse

Despite the rumours about infidelity that trailed their marriage from the early stages, Dianne has shown that she isn’t easily swayed by gossips or popular opinions. Between having their first and second child (1963 precisely), Chuck fathered another child outside their marriage. Dianna still stayed with Chuck despite the undeniable proof of his unfaithfulness.

She wanted her children raised in a family with both parents. Moreover, when she met and married Chuck Norris, he didn’t have the fame or money which he acquired later in life. He served in the US Navy from 1958-1962, fought in martial arts competitions until 1968 and started his acting career in 1969 before gaining mainstream success in 1970-80s. Dianne was by his side throughout his struggling years.

2. Acting Career

While she didn’t have an acting career as successful as her husband, in 1984, Dianne featured in a television series titled Hollywood 84 alongside top actors like Werner Baecker, Hal Roach, Michael Ladon, Ginger Rogers, amongst others. The show was an insider documentary on the famous actors’ whereabouts.

3. Family

One of the perks of early marriage is being able to enjoy the fulfilment of being a parent and grandparent. Dianne’s children are both quite accomplished and doing well in their chosen fields. While Mike followed the footstep of his father by becoming an actor, Eric is a stuntman and car racing champion.

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Between them, they have provided Dianne’s with seven grandchildren and lots of memorable moments. Her first child (Mike) and his wife Valerie have 3 children – Hannah (born in 1995), Greta and Max (twins born in 2000). Her second son (Eric) and his wife Stephanie have 4 children – Camryn (born 1995), Chloe (1998), Chantz (2000) and Cash (2010).

4. Life After Divorce

Dianne Holechek has lived a quiet life especially away from media scrutiny since her marriage to Chuck Norris ended. It has been difficult to ascertain if she dated any other man or even married after her divorce. Unlike Chuck who went ahead to marry y in 1998. Nothing is known about Dianne’s relationship(s). She seems to be content living her life away from the media.

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