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Nightmare. That is the most popular name of Diego Sanchez. He is a professional mixed martial artist who has made a name for himself in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighting in the Welterweight division. Having first started fighting in 2002, he has many records to his name. Before starting a fight, he will begin his Yes! Yes! Yes! chant which he believes helps him to win. Here is all to know about him.

Biography of Diego Sanchez 

December 31, 1981, was the date Sanchez was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was here that he was brought up in a Mexican American family.

He began learning martial arts since he was a child, but professionally, he started by training with Jackson’s Submission Fighting. Referred to as the best third round fighter, Sanchez made his debut in 2002 in the Ring of Fire 5 which he went on to win by forcing Michael Johnson into submission. His next fight was against Jesus Sanchez whom he defeated via knockout in the Aztec Challenge. He won the KOTC Welterweight Championship in 2004 after defeating Jorge Santiago by a unanimous decision.

In 2015, Diego Sanchez beat Kenny Florian to win The Ultimate Fighter 1 Middleweight Tournament. His first defeat came in his 17th fight which was against Josh Koscheck in 2008 and he went on to lose the next against John Fitch. Between 2016 and 2017, he got involved in 5 fights, winning 2 and losing 3.

With 27 career fights to his name, The Nightmare has won 16 and lost 11. Among the awards he has to show for all his efforts are KOTC Welterweight Championship, The Ultimate Fighter 1 Middleweight Tournament Winner, seven Fight of the Night, three Fight of the Year, and in the history of the UFC he is tied as the person with fifth-most victories.

Also known as Dream, the UFC fighter did not have it all smooth having had to deal with issues regarding drug abuse and being betrayed by a friend who embezzled his money that was over $170,000.

Who is His Wife?

For a lot of men, it is either drugs or women that screw their lives up. For Diego Sanchez, it was both. Earlier in his career, it was all about partying like a rock star and going to bed with almost every available woman he could find. In fact, he was once deceived into believing that he fathered a child with a woman he met online. He raised the child as his own until he later decided to have a DNA as a result of the problems he had with the mother of the child after they got married. That was when he realized that the child was not his.

Now married to Bernadette Sanchez, all has changed in his life thanks in part to his wife and in part, to the experiences, he has had. Having been married since 2011, Bernadette and Diego now have children together. The martial artist who is now a strong Christian has a tattoo across his chest that reads: Bernadette XV Ecclesiastes 4:12.


Before meeting and dating Bernadette, Diego got into a relationship with former UFC Octagon Girl, Ali Sonoma. The relationship was not to last for a very long time as it soon ended as a result of their career priorities. According to Ali, she was blamed for Sanchez’s defeats after they began dating and because of that and other things, the pair decided to walk their separate ways but still remain as friends.

What is His Net Worth?

Diego Sanchez has not only been fighting for well over a decade, he has made a lot of achievements by winning many championships and awards. With that said, one will expect him to have a massive fortune to show for all his hard work. Nevertheless, his estimated net worth is still not known but there is no reason not to believe he is not doing good for himself.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

The Nightmare did not become the nightmare that he is as a result of his height or body build. This is as he has an average height of 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) and a body build of 155 lb (70 kg). He has a reach of 72” while his leg reach is 40”.

His general body measurements are not known though he has a good body that complements his skills and determination that have thus far helped him to become a success as a martial artist.

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