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Other than Doublelift, Yiliang Peng should be nicknamed “Rising Above Difficulties”. Yiliang is the middle child of the Peng family who despite discouragement from his parents, has become a force to reckon with in the online gaming world. Recently the Peng family have been on news tabloids, not only for the success of Yiliang Peng but for an unfortunate misfortune that struck the family – the death of Wei Ping Shen and severe injury of Guojon Peng, parents of Yiliang.

Yiliang is a League of Legends’ star who is a professional esports AD Carry Player. He has played for various esports teams and organizations such as the Counter Logic Gaming, Epik Gamer, Team solo mind, Team Curse and presently Team Liquid. Yiliang has participated in a couple of tournaments and has proven to be a skillful player in most.

Doublelift Bio, Age

Doublelift is Yiliang Peng’s pseudonym. He was born in Mission Viejo, California on the 19th day of July 1993. Doublelift is of Chinese descent, the second child of Wei Ping Shen and Guojon Peng. He has two siblings, both are boys. Nothing is known about his high school education but it is known that he is either currently attending or attended the University of California.

He grew up with his family in California. He could be said to have been close to his elder brother as it was Yihong that inspired and encouraged his pursuit of online gaming. Also Yihong, his elder brother made his computers available to Yiliong to be able to play online games such as Dota 2, Nintendo, Diablo 1 and StarCraft. Doublelift as his name would later become, played this online games with his brother and his friends.

As the years went by, Yihong bought more computers when he got tired of the former and handed down his used computers to his younger brother. This was a boost for Yiliang who later moved to an online multiplayer game that he would become famous for – League of Legends. His gaming skills caught the attention of a member George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis of the gaming team called Counter Logic Gaming. He began working with CLG in 2011 and participated in his first tournament in the same year titled DreamHack Summer 2011.

After he got back from this tournament, things worsened at home. Earlier his parents never approved of his participation in games and told him it was a waste of time. They also asked him to get a “real” job. He defiled their demands and went on with gaming, backed by his elder brother. His stance infuriated his mother who began complaining about little things and when he spoke back, she kicked him out of her house, rendering him homeless. This didn’t deter Doublelift as he went ahead to stay with a friend of his and continued as a member of CLS. Shortly after, he left CLS to play with Epik Gamer. There, he played at the starting position of their Support.

He didn’t stay long in EG either as he moved to unRestricted, now Curse Gaming. At Curse, Yiliang played alongside his team members in the IGN Proleague and IEM New York tournaments. However, it is not known how successful he was while with this team.

By November 2011, he rejoined his foremost group, CLS. The team blossomed in the four years he spent there and would always rank among the first three in every season. At CLS, Doublelift played as an AD Carry and went through several roster changes and LCS campaigns. In 2015, he joined Team SoloMid. His career as a gamer flourished in this team and he recorded 3 LCS title wins from 2016 to 2017.

Doublelift has had his ups and downs in his career but he has been able to stay strong and continually deliver as expected. He moved to Team Liquid for a brief time and then came back to TSM but due to controversies over him, he went back to Team Liquid. As a Team Liquid member, he participated in the 2018 North American LCS. His team performed well in the championship and made it to the finals.

Sadly, a week to the finals, he received information’s that his mother was killed and his father had been badly injured by his brother. Despite this, Doublelift was demanded to play in the finals and surprisingly, he helped the team win its first league championship.

Family – Brother, Parents

Yiliang Peng popularly known by the pseudonym Doublelift was born into an Asian (Chinese) family who resides in California, U.S.A. He is the second son of Wei Ping Shen and Guojon Peng. The occupations of his parents are not known, neither is their financial status. Doublelift has an elder brother, Yihong, and a younger brother whose name is not known.

Recently, his elder brother made headlines on news tabloids for a deadly crime he perpetuated. He attacked his parents with a knife and the neighbors alerted the police who responded just in time to catch Yihong before he could flee the scene. On the arrival of the police, they found the dead body of a woman and a severely injured man. The woman was identified as his mother, Wei Peng, while the injured man, also identified to be his father was stabbed multiple times by the assailant.


Prior to the events it that night, members of Yihong’s fitness center complained that he behaved oddly that morning but no one could have predicted what happened later that day. Yihong has been arraigned in court and is likely to face a 44-year jail sentence.

Girlfriend and Relationship Status

Doublelift is known to be currently in a relationship with a lady simply known as Bonnie. The young gamer often talks about her on his social media accounts and also posts pictures of them together. Whether she is a student or a worker is not known and there is also no other personal information of hers available on the internet. The couple seems to be in a happy relationship.

Body Measurements – Height

Doublelift is an esports star and does not need the kind of training or body physique other regular sportsmen do. He stands at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. Other information about his body measurements such as weight, body type, size, and so on is not known. However, it is known that Doublelift eats healthy to stay strong and fit for his games.

Net Worth

Yiliang is a young man with a lot of zeal and ambition that has taken him places even as far as the North American Tour Championship, which he won alongside his team, Team Liquid. Aside from his collective wins with his teams, he has also brought home some championship trophies. His active participation in all the teams he had played for and his wins has brought him to a net worth estimated at around $2 million.

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