Gian Luca Passi De Preposulo, Jessica Chastain’s Husband Bio & Details of His Net Worth

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Gian Luca Passi De Preposulo may sound too long to remember but the bearer of the name is a total catch for every girl with an eye for royalty. Although knowledge about him may be limited to the Italian community alone, De Preposulo is famous, especially among business moguls but he became more popular after the renowned actress gushed about her relationship with him on the Oscars red carpet.

Gian Luca belongs to one of the old Italian aristocratic families but he is a fashion executive whose career took off at the famed Italian fashion house Armani, where he was the company’s public relations director. He was also with Moncler – a French fashion brand with a specialty in high-end sportswear and jacket. Gian is the co-founder of FOIL – a brand of premium Prosecco wine, but he is best recognized for sharing a marital bond with Jessica Chastain since 2017.

Who is Gian Luca Passi De Preposulo and How Old is He?

Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo was born on the 19th of November 1982. He is an Italian national born into the noble family of Passi de Preposulo in Montebelluna, Italy. The family originated from Bergamo, Lombardy with their history dating back to 973, they became prominent in the first half of the 1800s after they acquired Tiepolo’s properties. The family’s website revealed that their last name of Passi de Preposulo which actually means peace was obtained in 1307 when the then-sitting-count Ottopasso de Preposulo championed peace talk between a couple of warring groups, the Ghibelline and Guelf in Bergamo.

The then count later acquired the name Passi de Preposulo and from then, he became an important personality in the city, holding significant positions. Although the government of Italy no longer acknowledges the honorary titles and identities of the Italian nobility and aristocracy, the members of the family still append the titles count and countess to their names. Gian Luca’s dad still owns the gigantic 17th-century family estate called Villa Tiepolo Passi. He has also been identified as Count Alberto Passi de Preposulo and although his mum’s identity is not known, it is common knowledge that she has ancestry in Bergamo Lombardy. Gianluca grew up in Italy alongside his sister Gaia Passi who earns a living as a lifestyle journalist and touts herself as a traveller.

Although the details of his academic qualifications and institutions attended have never come under the spotlight of the media, he is an alumnus of IULM University of Milan where he completed his college education, though his course of study is not known. Gian Luca has been a part of the high fashion field for a long while now and has worked with top-notch companies like Moncler and Armani. This helped him in getting the acquaintances of the high-profile customers of those companies who are majorly from the entertainment industry. He is a co-founder of a brand known as FOIL with main focus in changing the culture around Prosecco wine. From time to time, he has been spotted with celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, and . However, it is his dalliance with actress (Hollywood actress) that brought him to media attention.

Since 2013, the duo has been exhibiting their mutual affection in the public, though they met in 2012 but decided to keep a low profile for twelve months, maintaining a long distance relationship throughout the period. But since 2013, after he relocated to New York to be close to his girlfriend, photos of the formally elusive duo began to grace the pages of different tabloids. In 2017, Gian Luca gained unprecedented public and media attention after his engagement to Jessica. The media frenzy dovetailed to their mid-year wedding capped off with an adventurous honeymoon tour to Africa. Important to note that Jessica is older than her husband by six years but as they say, age is just a number.

What is Gian Luca Passi De Preposulo’s Net Worth

The husband of Jesica is from one of the richest families in Italy and he enjoys his family legacy. In addition, he has held a top position in the French brand Moncler as a fashion executive. He was also with another top fashion firm Armani where he held the position of the Director of Public Relations. All these have sure contributed to his wealth, however, the exact amount of his net worth has never been published as he likes to keep his financial status under lock and key. On the other hand, his wife Jessica currently enjoys an estimated net worth of $20 million which she earned from her career as a producer, as well as an actress.

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