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Eddie Jackson is an American football safety who plays for the Chicago Bears in the National Football League (NFL). Like most other players in the NFL, Eddie took to and played the sports as a kid, continued in high school and went pro following an impressive and miraculous one-year college career.

Here, we will go back in time in his life to learn how he became what we know him as today, in addition, we will also take a look at what body stats the bloke possess without leaving out how much he has amassed over the years playing America’s favorite sports.

Eddie Jackson’s Family and Early Life

Eddie Jackson was born on December 10, 1993, in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida where would also grow up. Eddie has as his elder brother De’Marcus Dorsey who had good prospects of playing football professionally, but for his poor grades in school, bad choices, police arrest and charge for burglary twice with some teens who had a lethal weapon on them, Dorsey’s high hopes with his sports scholarship to Michigan and his other plan to land at Louisville vaporized into thin air. The same fate would later befall Eddie and almost swallowed him but for his parents, he had a change of attitude.

Eddie began playing competitive football in his senior year in high school when he got enrolled at Boyd H. Anderson High School in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. He majorly manned the defensive back and wide receiver position for his team. During this time, he improved a lot, learning from his coach and adhering to every tactic they had for any game.

Troubled Teenage and His Turnaround

Contrary to his well behaved senior year in high school, the kid picked up a bad character when he was much younger, he would hang out with other kids who were having troubled lives. At this time, he had terribly piss-poor grades in school, multiple arrest cases including one where he was arrested in Broward County in Florida on a charge of burglary. But for his parent’s persistence in being cocksure that they had not bred a disoriented child and the actions they took thereafter, Eddie was saved from a life that had perdition in wait for him.

His father withdrew him from Northeast High in junior year and transferred him to Boyd H. Anderson High School which was closer to their home. At Boyd, Eddie Jackson frolicked with his academics initially, paid little attention to football, unlike his peers who had a career interest in the game. The school administrators threatened to expel him, but his patient father suggested an academic plan be worked out for him in addition to some moral support.

Wayne Blair, the school football coach took it upon himself to refine the gold only him and Eddie’ parents saw in the kid. The young Jackson began taking extra online classes to meet his core requirement and boost his half-dead grades. He still had football by the side which at that point was his surest path to a better life. Eddie had just one year to turn around his life and in this one year, it all happened.

Career Begining and Growth

Good a thing, his hunger to succeed made him a dynamic player and his coach Wayne employed this zeal to good uses. He gave him every imaginable role from Receiver to Cornerback to Safety to Kick returner and even Punt returner, Eddie played them all impressively. In no time, word about him being one of the hottest talents in the nation started spreading.

He had before him, by the end of his high school senior year: Louisiana State University, the University of Alabama and Florida State University to chose from. Who could have seen that coming? No one other than his parents and coach.


He played wholeheartedly for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, emerged the team captain and defensive MVP of the 2015 national championship game. A broken leg in his final college football season couldn’t deter him from the path of success he had set course for from Boyd H. Anderson High School.

The pigskin sport hot talent got drafted by The Chicago Bears as the 112th overall in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He was the 13th football safety to be drafted. Come May 15, 2017, he committed to papers in a four-year deal for the Bears worth $3.06 million inclusive of a $665,797 signing bonus. Eddie Jackson has been with “The Monsters of the Midway” since then growing his career in the richest sports played on American soil.

Net Worth 

Being that he just started his career in the not so distant past, a lot is still not known about his finances one of which is his net worth. When it is made public, we will inform you about it.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements

His body stats as we obtained it gave his weight as 202 lb (92 kg) while he stands at a height of 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m). His chest, biceps and waist measurements have not been revealed at this point.

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